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M&O Doctoral Students 2019

Doctoral Program

Program Requirements

Course Descriptions

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Overview of Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program in Management builds on the strengths of the department’s faculty and offers its students a broad-based education in the field of Management provided by one of the leading management faculties in the world. Students choose a specialization in one of three core areas within Management: Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory, and Strategy.

Organizational Behavior - the study of individuals and groups within organizations

Organizational Theory - the study of organizations and the interaction with the general environment

Strategy - the study of competitive interactions between firms

The program seeks to help its students acquire the necessary background knowledge to become independent researchers and scholars in the field of management, and encourages students to take an interdisciplinary approach to research if they so desire.

Our program offers several advantages:
  • World-class Faculty.  Our faculty publish in and serve as editors and editorial board members of all the leading management journals. In 2021, Stern's Management Department was ranked fourth world-wide in terms of research productivity in the UT Dallas Research Rankings (based on publications in leading journals).
  • Breadth & Diversity. Because of the size of our faculty, we are able to offer a wide array of expertise across the broad research domain of management. With twenty seven full-time professors, you are likely to find someone to mentor you no matter what your area of interest.
  • Small Size. We have a small program relative to the size of the department – the average incoming cohort is three students. This means that students can get very personalized attention from faculty. The Doctoral Coordinator makes every effort to match students with faculty who can help them develop research skills in their specific area of interest.
  • Collaborative Culture.  Our department has a collaborative culture and we integrate our doctoral students into our research activities.  Students participate in our many internal workshops and external research seminars and also organize a doctoral brownbag/happy hour.
  • Living Laboratory. As the center of international commerce, New York City offers amazing opportunities for conversing with managers and studying business organizations. Research opportunities abound right outside our door.