Kevin Lee

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Kevin Lee is a PhD student in the department of Management and Organizations at New York University. His current research mainly revolves around the future of work and organizing: how work and organizations have been changing to adapt to the demands of a supposedly new, faster, and more competitive digital economy. Within this broad umbrella, he has been studying new and innovative workplace technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence and automation), organizational forms popular to the new economy (e.g. entrepreneurship and startups), and the death of older ways of organizing (e.g. those left behind by the new economy). He frames much of his research within organization theory and sociology.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Kevin received an undergraduate degree from Columbia University in 2014, where he helped to inaugurate a university-wide program aimed at supporting student entrepreneurship and technological innovation. Before beginning his doctoral studies, Kevin worked in Manhattan as a strategy consultant to some of Wall Street's largest banks, witnessing first-hand the productive and destructive consequences that innovative technologies might have on the world of work.