Stéphane P. Francioli


Phone: 212-998-0204


Stéphane is a senior PhD candidate in Organizational Behavior at Stern. His research combines lab studies, archival data, quasi-experiments, text analyses, and field interventions to examine (i) how young-targeted ageism shapes the economic prospects of younger generations; and (ii) how the uneven split of domestic labor at home impacts women's outcomes at work. His work has been published in Cognition, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and the Handbook of the Psychology of Aging. He has also served as an instructor for the introductory class of management at Stern’s undergraduate program, for which he received an Excellence in Teaching Commendation.

Stéphane received a dual B.A. in International Trade and Finance (Honor), an Msc in Management from the London Business School, and an MS in Management Studies from MIT Sloan. Prior to joining Stern, he worked as a business analyst for Procter & Gamble, and a research assistant at MIT Sloan and Harvard School of Education.


M. Phil., Mangement
New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business

M.S., Management Studies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management

M.Sc., Management
London Business School

Dual B.A., International Trade and Finance

Primary Advisors

Michael North (
Batia Wiesenfeld (
Joe Magee (


Francioli, S. P., & North, M. S. (in press) Youngism: the content, causes, and consequences of prejudices toward younger adults. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Francioli, S. P., & North, M. S. (in press) The older worker: gender and age discrimination in the workplace. Handbook of the Psychology of Aging.

Lane, J. D., Ronfard, S., Francioli, S. P., & Harris, P. L. (2016). Children’s imagination and belief: prone to flights of fancy or grounded in reality?. Cognition, 152, 127-140.

Working Projects

Francioli, S. P., & Zee, K. S. (manuscript in prep.) Increasing information transparency reduces gender inequalities at home in a COVID-19 lockdown experiment.

Francioli, S. P., Jachimowicz, J. M., & North, M. S. (manuscript in prep.) Precocity threat: exposure to younger, more successful colleagues undermines job performance and career engagement.

Francioli, S. P., Danbold, F., & North, M. S. (manuscript in prep.) Boomers versus Millennials: the dynamic nature of generation-based hierarchies and its implications for intergroup threat.

Reyt, J. N., Wiesenfield, B. M., Francioli, S. P. (under revision). Seeing the forest and the trees: signals of construal level ambidexterity and venture funding success.