Siyu Yu


Phone: 212-998-0413

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Siyu is a doctoral candidate in Management from Stern School of Business, New York University.  Her research focuses on the micro-foundations of groups and teams, with a particular focus on social hierarchy, conflict and competition, and social network.  Specifically, she examines how individuals’ perceptions of hierarchy affect their outcomes, behaviors, and decision-making at work, as well as the group-level consequences and cultural variations of hierarchy perceptions.  She is also interested in various antecedents of conflict and competition in group processes.  In carrying out her research, Siyu employs a variety of methods, including field, laboratory, and archival studies. 

Prior to Stern, Siyu received double Bachelor degrees in Economics and Sociology from Peking University and a Master degree in Sociology from University of California, Berkeley.

Academic Background

M.A., Sociology
Univeristy of California, Berkeley

B.A., Economics (Speciality: Finance)
Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

B.L, Law (Specialty: Sociology)
Guanghua School of Management, Peking University



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