Past Events

2017-2018 Management & Organizations Department Seminar Speaker Series 

Speaker Series Date Title
Dietmar Harhoff

CIRI Seminar October, 2017  
Luke Rhee

CIRI Seminar November, 2017  
Michael Roach
External Seminar November, 2017 "Ex ante career preferences and sorting into startup employment"
Emilio Castilla

External Seminar December, 2017  
Katy DeCelles
Rotman School of Management

External Seminar December, 2017 “Beyond the Bars: How Physically Dirty Word Contaminates the Home”
Damon Phillips

External Seminar February, 2018  
Don Hambrick

External Seminar March, 2018  
Violina Rindova
External Seminar April, 2018 "Bringing the Past into the Future: Cross-Temporal Constructions of History and Identity in Organizations”
Stuart Bunderson

External Seminar April, 2018 "Diversity and Inequality in Management Teams"
Theresa Amabile
External Seminar April, 2018 "Labor of Love: Some Insights from a Creativity Research Program"

2016-2017 Management & Organizations Department Seminar Speaker Series

Speaker Series Date Title
Aparna Joshi
Penn State
External Seminar October, 2016 "Bringing the Boss' Politics In: Supervisor Political Ideology and the Gender Gap in Equality"
Paul Adler
External Seminar December, 2016 "An Organization Deisgn for Collaborative Purpose"
David Kirsch 
University of Maryland
External Seminar February, 2017 "How Startups End"
Rosalind Chow 
Carnegie Mellon
External Seminar February, 2017 "How White Americans Choose to Describe Racial Inequality" 
Rui de Figueiredo
External Seminar March, 2017 "The Adjustment Costs of Scope Reduction: Evidence from the Financial Crisis"
Ashleigh Rosette
Duke, Fuqua School of Business
External Seminar March, 2017 "Race Matters for Women Leaders: Agnetic Bias Revisited" 
Brian Silverman 
University of Toronto 
External Seminar March, 2017 "Public Contracting for Private Innovation: Government Capabilities, Decision Rights, and Performance Outcomes"
Alfonso Gambardella 
Bocconi University 
External Seminar April, 2017 "A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Experimentation: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial" 

2015-2016 Management & Organizations Department Seminar Speaker Series

Speaker Series Date Title
Juan Alcacer
October, 2015 "Spatial Organization of Firms & Location Choices through the Value Chain".
Hayagreeva Rao
November, 2015  "Contagious Diseases and Climate Variability as Shocks to Cooperation: Spanish Flu, Spring Frost and the Formation of Retail Cooperatives in Norway".
Isabel Fernandez-Mateo
External Seminar December, 2015 "Gender Differences in Responses to Rejection in Executive Recruitment".
Rebecca Henderson
External Seminar February, 2016 "High Commitment Firms, Innovation & The Development of Inclusive Institutions".
Susan Fiske
Princeton University
External Seminar March, 2016 "Talking Up, Talking Down: The Power of Positive Speaking".
Tsedal Neeley
External Seminar March, 2016 "The Global Expat Corporation: How Languages Change Culture".
Nicholas Argyres
Washington University, St. Louis
March, 2016 "The Role of Relational Contracts in Inter-Firm Relationships: Theory and Evidence of Multiunit Franchising".
Christopher Oveis
UC San Diego 
External Seminar May, 2016 "Laughter Coveys Status".
Christine Beckman 
University of Maryland 
External Seminar May, 2016 "Prominent but Less Productive: The Imact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientists' Research".

Conferences & Workshops hosted by the Management & Organizations Dept. 

Conference Date Attendees
NYU Stern Strategy Workshop 6/27/2017 NYU, UCLA, Stanford, Duke, HBS & Maryland
DRUID Conference 6/12/2017-6/14/2017 International Conference co-hosted with Danish Research Unit on Industrial Dynamics
NYU Stern Economics of Strategy Workshop 06/30/2016 NYU, Wharton, MIT & IVEY
NYU-Columbia Doctoral Conference 04/22/2016 NYU & Columbia