2019 Practice Forum: How to Assess the ROI on Sustainability for Corporate Practitioners and Investors

Sponsors: Bloomberg L.P. and Domtar Corporation
Media Partner: Harvard Business Review

CSB Practice Forum 2019 Bill McNabb and Adi Ignatius

In March 2019, the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business hosted its second annual Practice Forum, sponsored by Bloomberg L.P., Domtar Corporation, and Harvard Business Review.

To view the event agenda, click here.

This hands-on exchange focused on how to identify, track and monetize sustainability returns driven by innovation, operational efficiency, employee engagement, brand enhancement and risk mitigation, for better decision-making by the C-suite and investors.

The Practice Forum featured two Fireside Chats on the ROI of Sustainability; between F. William McNabb, Former Chairman, Vanguard, and Adi Ignatius, Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Business Review, and between John D. Williams, CEO, Domtar, and Emily Chasan, Sustainable Finance Editor, Bloomberg News.

The agenda also featured the following hands-on workshops providing participants the opportunity to work through the CSB ROSI™ (Return on Sustainability Investment) Methodology:
  • • Talent Workshop: How to Measure ROSI™ Through Attraction, Productivity, and Retention (Download Excel File)
  • • Risk Workshop: How to Measure ROSI™ From Improved Risk Management (Download Excel File)
  • • Operational Efficiency Workshop: How to Measure ROSI™ From More Efficient Operations (Download Excel File)

Videos of this year's programming can be found below:

Opening Address: Latest Research on Consumer Demand and ROSI™, Tensie Whelan
  • • To view presentation from Opening Address, click here.

ROI Deep Dive: "Sustainability Experts, How Does Monetization Help You?"
  • • "ROI on Employee Relations," by Rick Ridgeway, Vice President, Public Engagement, Patagonia
  • • "Operational Efficiencies at Aston Martin," by James Stephens, Director, Global Government and External Affairs, Aston Martin
  • • "Improved Sales and Brand Value at Caesars," by Andrew Winston, Author, The Big Pivot
  • • "Valuing CORE Benefits of Sustainability (Customer, Operational, Risk, Employees) in Healthcare" by Daniel Aronson, Founder, Vaultus
    • •  To see a walk through of this tool, click here

Lunchtime Fireside Chat: Sustainability Views from the CEO Suite
  • • John D. Williams, CEO, Domtar
  • • Emily Chasan, Sustainable Finance Editor, Bloomberg News

Panel: Investor Insights on ESG and Corporate Financial Performance
  • • Bob Eccles, Visiting Professor of Management Practice, Oxford University (Moderator)
  • • Jonathan Bailey, Head of ESG Investing, Neuberger Berman
  • • Herman Bril, Director, Office of Investment Management, UN Pension Fund
  • • Rina Kupferschmid-Rojas, Group Head of Sustainable Finance, UBS
  • • Beau Lescott, Portfolio Manager, Inherent Group
  • • Elizabeth Seeger, Director, Sustainable Investing KKR

Closing Fireside Chat
  • • F. William McNabb, Former Chairman, Vanguard
  • • Adi Ignatius, Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Business Review

The programming and recordings of the 2018 Practice Forum can be found here