The Center for Sustainable Business is working to expand and embed sustainability curriculum throughout Stern. Information on courses can be found below.

Fall 2018 - Stern Undergraduate Course: Sustainability for Competitive Advantage (BSPA-UB.0068.01)
Tuesday/Thursday: 3:30-4:45pm

This Fall, Professor Tensie Whelan will teach the undergraduate course, Sustainability for Competitive Advantage. This course is designed to assist students in developing the knowledge, skills, and perspective they need to understand and address environmental and social challenges I business, so that as leaders they can reduce risk, create competitive advantage, and develop innovative services, products, and processes, while building value for society and protecting the planet. In this course, students will develop an effective leadership perspective through pursuit of the following learning objectives:
  1. To become familiar with the key environmental and social issues effecting business today
  2. To understand the evolution of corporate response – from compliance, to engagement, to innovation
  3. To begin to develop some of the skills required for leading in this new social and political environment
  4. To explore the efficiencies and innovations being developed by corporate leaders in pursuit of sustainability
  5. To explore innovations in finance (true cost accounting net positive value, social impact bonds)
  6. To become familiar with the latest consumer insight research on sustainability
Access the 2018 syllabus here. 

Questions? Email us at sustainablebusiness@stern.nyu.edu.

Last Year's Guest Speakers Included:
  • Alessandro Carlucci: former CEO Natura, Chairman, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). Alessandro discussed Natura's integrated sustainability strategy, and how the company aligns its business and sustainability efforts for success. 
  • Jennifer Gootman, Stern '10: Vice President, Social Consciousness & Innovation, West Elm. Jennifer leads West Elm's Consciousness programming, which focuses on commitments to increase sourcing from artisans, supply chain traceability and sustainability. Jennifer discussed West Elm's strategies for embedding sustainability into the business, and how they are working to increase the transparency and marketing efforts to consumers.
  • Eric Kane, Wagner, '07: Sector Analyst - Healthcare at SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board). Eric oversees analysis and engagement with health care sector companies at SASB. He presented on the SASB, how it emerged, what it focuses on, and what it's trying to accomplish, and led students in a discussion on how SASB thinks about materiality. 
  • Andre Correa d'Almeida​: Program Manager, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs. Andre is a leading expert in sustainable development, stakeholder engagement and collaboration. He presented on theories of stakeholder engagement strategy and led students in a simulation of stakeholder engagement management.