Stern MBA Graduate Course: Sustainability for Competitive Advantage (BSPA GB 2305.30)
Spring Semester
Applies to supply chain, leadership and social impact specializations.

This course is designed to assist students in developing the knowledge, skills, and perspective they need to understand and address environmental and social challenges in business, so that as leaders they can reduce risk, create competitive advantage, and develop innovative services, products, and processes, while building value for society and protecting the planet. In this course, students will develop an effective leadership perspective through pursuit of the following learning objectives:
  1. To become familiar with the key environmental and social issues affecting business today
  2. To understand the evolution of corporate response – from compliance to engagement to innovation
  3. To begin to develop some of the skills required for leading in this new social and political environment
  4. To explore the efficiencies and innovations being developed by corporate leaders in pursuit of sustainability
  5. To explore innovations in finance (true cost accounting net positive value, social impact bonds)
  6. To become familiar with the latest consumer insight research on sustainability
Access an example syllabus here.

Business leaders and specialists in the topics will be invited to speak to the students and we will hold a Sustainability Career Panel with Stern alums during the last class. 

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