Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas

Tel: (212) 998-0234


Jeff Thomas is a 5th year doctoral candidate in Organizational Behavior at the NYU Stern School of Business. His research focuses on rivalry, diversity, and voice.

Research Interests
  • Competition and Rivalry
  • Diversity and Leadership
  • Proactive Behavior and Voice

Research Summary

Psychology of Competition and Rivalry
Jeff’s dissertation examines the paradox of rival cooperation. This research asks how rivalry may influence the identities and behaviors of competitors. In the domain of rivalry, Jeff also studies the effects that rivalry have on goal setting and competitive attention.
Diversity and Voice
In an evaluation of how feeling different influences communication at work, Jeff examines the role of expectations in workgroup communication. This research examines contextual factors that may shift employees sense of safety and communication at work.
Leaders Language and Voice
The type of language that leaders use can have complex effects on employee's perceptions and behaviors. This research examines the tradeoffs associated with “sounding like a leader” in the traditional sense. 

Academic Background

B.A. Psychology, Minor in Sociology
University of Buffalo
M.S. Organizational Psychology
Florida International University


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