International Focused MBA Students

  1. Apply for a summer semester private loan about one month prior to your payment deadline. For a list of international student loan opportunities, please visit the private loans page of the Stern Graduate Financial Aid website. Typical processing time is 3-4 weeks, but may be longer. Please plan accordingly.
  2. Contact Stern Graduate Financial Aid to request that your private loan application be certified.
  3. Confirm approval of your loans via NYU Albert. All approved loans will be credited directly to your Bursar bill, and you will not need to pay this amount out of pocket.
  4. The lender sends the fall loan disbursement to the Bursar prior to the start of the semester after your payment deadline. 
  5. The Bursar will refund you any loan credit beyond tuition and fees. We encourage you to use the direct deposit option for your loan refund. For direct deposit, a U.S. bank account is needed. Please feel free to explore information from the New York University Federal Credit Union if interested in setting up a U.S. bank account. If you do not have direct deposit, the refund check will be mailed to your current U.S. address.
  6. Due to the high volume of disbursements at the start of each semester, you should not count on your refund for the first month of classes. Please budget accordingly.
  7. Repeat the process (steps 1-6) for the combined fall/spring semester.