Private Student Loan Procedure

Typical processing time for private student loans is 3-4 weeks, but may be longer. Please plan accordingly.

  1. Apply directly with your selected lender for a semester-only private loan or a combined fall/spring loan about one month prior to your payment deadline. Below is an alphabetical list of the lenders that have provided private education loans to graduate Stern students during the past three years, both domestic students and international students
  2. If you are approved, review the terms and conditions of the private student loan offer and discuss any questions you have with your lender. If you agree with the terms of your loan, sign a loan agreement with your lender and complete any additional steps they require. Your lender will then send the loan certification to the NYU Central Financial Aid Office.
  3. Once the loan is certified by NYU Central Financial Aid, you will receive an email informing you that the loan is viewable in NYU Albert. The loan will automatically be accepted on your behalf. 
  4. All approved loans will be credited directly to your Bursar bill; you will not need to pay this amount out of pocket.
  5. If you have a remaining balance beyond what is covered by your loans, submit a payment to the Bursar prior to your payment deadline.
  6. Your lender will send the loan disbursement to the Bursar before the start of the semester. Your loan will disburse to the school approximately 10 days before your first class.
  7. Approximately two weeks after disbursement, the Bursar will refund you any loan funds received in excess of your Bursar bill. 
  8. Students must complete a Student Self-Certification Form when applying for private loans. Federal government regulations require that a lender obtain a self-certification signed by the loan applicant before disbursing a private education loan.