Private Loans

Private student loans are non-federal loans, made by a lender such as a bank, credit union or state agency. They have variable or fixed interest rates based upon the student's credit history and other lender specific program information. For credit report resources and information, please click here.

Most lenders offer the option of obtaining a co-signer for the student loan. Please note that the University cannot act as a co-signer or sponsor for either domestic or international students.

New York University does not prefer, recommend, promote, endorse, or suggest any lenders. You are not required to borrow from any of the lenders appearing on our site and there is no penalty for selecting a different lender, if you prefer. 

Private Student Loan Application Tips

  • You do not need to file a FAFSA in order to apply for a private loan.
  • Apply for a semester-only loan or a fall/spring loan combined. The latter will consist of two loan disbursements: one in fall and a second in spring.
  • Complete a separate loan application with a specified summer-only loan period for the summer semester.
  • Complete a new application for subsequent semesters. 

Things to Discuss With Your Lender

  • Interest rates: fixed or variable 
  • Capitalization: timing and frequency
  • Grace period availability and length
  • Hardship assistance: deferment, forbearance, income-based repayment
  • Borrower benefits such as interest rate reduction and co-signer release option
  • Prepayment penalty, application/origination fees
  • Aggregate borrowing limits
  • Repayment options and repayment terms
  • Student enrollment status: full-time, half time, less than half time 

If you are interested in Public Service Loan Forgiveness, note that private student loans are not eligible for this federal program. However, you may be eligible to include private student loans for consideration under the NYU Stern Loan Assistance Program