Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards for Financial Aid

Each year, your current New York University academic transcript is reviewed to verify that you are in good academic standing and making normal progress toward the completion of your degree requirements. "Good standing" means that you are maintaining the minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5, are earning a passing grade in a minimum of 67 percent of the courses in which you are enrolled, and have resolved the status of any unsatisfactory grades (e.g. "incomplete," "no grade," etc.).

Students have the right to appeal the suspension of their financial aid only once for each academic degree. If your appeal for a probation semester is granted, your aid will be restored for that one semester (provided you meet all other eligibility criteria). Appeals must be submitted no later than the last day to add/drop a class for the semester in which you are requesting aid consideration. You will be approved for financial aid probation if the Financial Aid Appeals Committee determines, from your academic record, that you can reasonably meet SAP requirements in a single semester. The link to appeal your academic progress can be found here.

You must be meeting SAP standards before your aid eligibility can be restored for future semesters.


The maximum time for completion of degree requirements is available on the NYU Stern Academic Affairs & Advising Office website. NYU Stern may require that incomplete courses (IPs) be completed and verification of grades be provided before finalizing an aid decision. You should contact the NYU Stern Graduate Financial Aid Office for any questions regarding your continued aid eligibility and SAP.

Students are eligible for aid up to the completion of the number of credits required for graduation. Financial aid funding is designed to help students complete their degree requirements within a limited period of time and is generally not available beyond that point. In certain circumstances, however, the NYU Stern Graduate Financial Aid Office may authorize additional student funding for one or more semesters. To be considered for an extension of financial aid eligibility, you will be required to submit an Aid Eligibility Extension Request Form.

If you have questions regarding your academic progress, please contact Stern Academic Affairs and Advising at (212) 998-0585 or by email at