International Students

We are pleased to present the following options to NYU Stern students. For application information and details about terms and conditions, please contact the lender directly.

The list below includes private lenders that provide education loans specifically to international students. You are not required to borrow from any of the lenders listed below and there is no penalty for selecting a different lender if you prefer. We encourage you to compare information among these and other available student loan providers. Individual lenders will, at their discretion, evaluate credit history and additional lender-specific program information. Keep in mind that for some co-signer loans, a student must have a social security number in addition to having a co-signer. Please note that application fees are not refundable. Typical processing time is 3-4 weeks, but maybe longer. Please plan accordingly.

Citizens Student Loan
Citizens, 800-708-6684

Discover MBA Loan
Discover, 877-728-3030

Sallie Mae Student Loans
Sallie Mae, 877-279-7172

SoFi Graduate Student Loans
SoFi, (877) 936-2269

Please note that the University cannot act as a co-signer or sponsor for domestic or international students. Given the current student loan industry climate, please be aware that loan programs are subject to change at any time.