Financial Education with NYU iGrad

NYU's Everyday Financial Education Resource

At New York University, we want all members of our community to make sound financial decisions. NYU has partnered with iGrad to ensure that students, alumni, faculty, employees, parents and families have access to customized resources that will expand their knowledge of personal finance.

iGrad offers videos, calculators, articles, recommendations, games and other resources that can help improve your finances. Their suite of interactive tools is designed to provide you with knowledge on a variety of topics including budgeting, financial aid, banking, investing, and more.

The programs will assist you in answering questions like how to make an NYU education possible, manage your financial needs, create a monthly budget, better understand the student loan process and repayment, and prepare you now and into the future.

How Can You Get Started on iGrad?

To begin using iGrad, you may either (1) log in to NYUHome, go to the "NYU Life" tab and connect via the iGrad channel/card, or (2) log in directly to iGrad. Once you are securely signed in to the iGrad site, you will have access to numerous articles, videos, and calculators to help you.

Have Questions on iGrad?

On any page of the platform you should see a chat icon in the lower right corner. This will connect you to the iGrad support team for answers to site technical support and content inquiries.

During business hours their staff will respond quickly, often in real time. After hours they receive the chat alerts and will respond the following business day. Be sure to enter your email in any chat to be sure you receive any and all of their replies.

You may have other questions about NYU specific services and resources. Use the Search box at the top of this page for more information and assistance. You may also want to visit the Topics hub to explore, use the Search feature, or review this Site Overview article to get going.

Here is a list of topics that may be of interest to you:

  • Breaking Down Repayment Options
  • DOs and DON'Ts of Managing a Tight Budget as a Student
  • Scholarships, Fellowships & Creative Financing Alternatives for Grad School
. . . and more
  • 5 Tips for International Students Financing a U.S. Education
  • Basic Credit Card Types and Terms You Need to Know to Open a Bank Account
  • Personal Finance in the U.S. - Part 1: A Guide for Foreigners in the States
. . . and more
To access this scholarship database, you will need to log into iGrad using your NYU net ID and password.