Company Sponsorship

Students who are working full-time/part-time may have their employer sponsor a portion or all of their tuition and fees. Company sponsorship is a direct payment by one's employer to the university on the student's behalf and is counted as part of their financial aid.  Students should inquire with their employer as to whether sponsorship is available.

Company Sponsorship vs. Tuition Reimbursement

Company sponsorship occurs in the case that one's employer submits payment directly to NYU. However, if the employer is paying the student directly for the education costs incurred, this is considered to be tuition reimbursement.

Only those students receiving company sponsorship must submit a letter/voucher from the sponsoring employer to the Office of the Bursar. This letter/voucher assures payment in full upon receipt of the bill and authorizes NYU to process the registration at the company’s expense.