Joseph J. Garcia, MBA ’17

Bernstein Family Scholarship
Hometown: New York, NY
Garcia, Joseph

Out of over 50 first cousins, I am one of three to graduate from college and will be the first to ever obtain a Master’s Degree. Both my parents come from a rural area in the Dominican Republic. I am a first generation immigrant and have had the typical “inner city minority experience” we all hear about. I grew up in a low income community in New York.
Noticing the huge impression traveling has made on me, I decided to study abroad for my last semester in Barcelona. My family and I have never traveled internationally except for the Dominican Republic. Your donation will help make my study abroad in Barcelona possible. I intend to travel alone throughout Europe during my studies and will spend an additional month traveling to North Africa and the Middle East. This has always been a personal dream of mine and I cannot express what your donation has meant for me and my family.