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Undergraduate Concentrations and Tracks

Undergraduates have the option to choose a course of study that aligns with their interests in business and management.

Management Concentration

Management and Organizations help you develop a skill set to anticipate, address, and resolve the central challenges of navigating and running organizations in the 21st century. You learn how to identify and implement the best strategy for a firm. You also examine ways in which people work as individuals, as team members, and as organizational members. You learn to analyze the business as a whole and how to align all aspects of the business accordingly—evaluating the overall needs of an organization (for-profit, not-for-profit, and government), defining supporting objectives, and implementing optimal approaches and tactics to pursue those objectives.

Students who decide to concentrate in management will take four courses (12 units) in advanced management electives after completing the required core course Management and Organizations MGMT-UB 1. Some multidisciplinary (MULT-UB) courses have also been approved to count toward fulfilling management concentration requirements.

Students pursuing a concentration in management and organizations should consult with their adviser in the Stern Office of Academic Advising by the end of sophomore year to ensure that course distribution requirements are being met and to formally declare the management concentration. The Department of Management and Organizations undergraduate faculty adviser is always available to advise you on which management courses best fulfill your objectives.

Management Consulting Track

The Management Consulting track teaches you how consulting is an effective way of thinking about businesses and solving business problems—skills that are applicable to any position both inside and outside the consulting industry. Consultants identify and adapt best practices to the firms that hire them, working on different projects across varied industries, usually having access to top executives in those firms. This track is an excellent complement to a concentration in management as well as other areas such as finance, marketing, and accounting. Students who select this track develop a number of core skills, including data analysis, and problem-solving, peer leadership, as well as written, verbal, and visual communications. With an appropriate choice of elective courses, this track provides in-depth preparation for careers in management consulting, strategy consulting, economic consulting, healthcare consulting, and information technology consulting.

Entrepreneurship Co-Concentration

NYU Stern, located in the heart of New York City, is a vibrant home for entrepreneurship. Whether you are interested in starting a new business, being a change maker within an organization, or focused on having an innovative social impact, the entrepreneurship co-concentration can help you enhance your thinking and ability to take action under conditions of uncertainty. NYU Stern offers a variety of courses in entrepreneurship that vary in their emphasis to allow students to direct their interest in entrepreneurship in various ways.

Requirements for Concentration in Management

Department of Management core courses table

Undergraduate Faculty Adviser

Professor R. Kabaliswaran