Management Department Seminar Speaker Series

2019-2020 Management & Organizations Department Seminar Speaker Series
Speaker Series Date Title
Felix Danbold
Internal Seminar September 6, 2019 "Who Gets to Represent Us? Understanding Dominant Groups’ Reactions To Diversity"
Siyu Yu
Internal Seminar September 13, 2019 "On Navigating Informal Organizational Structures: Implications for Social Networks, Performance, and Status Attainment"
Ethan Burris
University of Texas - Austin
External Seminar September 20, 2019 "Mixed Messages: Why managers (do not) endorse employee voice"
Tina Wu
Internal Seminar October 4, 2019 “A Home Here in the Office”: Managerial Emotional Labor as A Form of Organizational Control
Mary Ann Glynn
Boston College
External Seminar November 15, 2019 How Boston Got Strong
Eden King
Rice University
External Seminar February 21, 2020 “The ‘Opt Out’ Explanation is Insufficient: Subtle Messages Push Moms Out of Work”  
Maryam Kouchaki
External Seminar March 13, 2020 TBA
John Joseph
University of California - Irvine
External Seminar March 27, 2020 TBA
Amy Edmondson
External Seminar April 17, 2020 TBA
Alberto Galasso
University of Toronto
External Seminar April 24, 2020 TBA
Mary Benner
University of Minnesota
External Seminar May 8, 2020 TBA
Feng Zhu
External Seminar May 15, 2020 TBA