Ph.D. students must register for both fall and spring semesters until they graduate. Students will also be automatically registered to maintain matriculation every summer. Pre-Doctoral should see the section on Pre-Doctoral registration.

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All course selections must be discussed with and approved by the Area Coordinator prior to registration. Students who do not adhere to the Registrar’s and Bursar’s deadlines are subject to a late registration and late payment fee. Furthermore, students will be denied access to the gym and health center.


Course Schedules

  • To access the course schedule for Stern classes, please click here.
  • To access the course schedule for non-Stern classes, please click here.


Registration Process for Students Maintaining Matriculation

  1. Students should fill out the online registration form and should indicate they are maintaining matriculation. This form must be filled out 5 days prior to the registration deadline. 
  2. After completion of this form, students will be registered for maintenance of matriculation and will be coded for full-time equivalency.


Registration Process for Students Taking Courses

  1. To register, students must first receive approval for their planned schedule of courses from the Area Coordinator in their department (this can be in done in person or over email).
  2. After receiving approval, students must request approval for their planned schedule of courses from the Doctoral Office by filling out the online registration form. When filling out this form, students should make sure to list all courses (Stern and non-Stern). This form must be filled out 5 days prior to the registration deadline.
  3. Students will receive an email from the Doctoral Office once approval has been granted. After this, students may proceed to register for their courses via NYU Albert. Please note some non-Stern courses may require a "permission code" from the school hosting the course in order to register on NYU Albert. If you receive a message on Albert indicating a permission code is needed, please see the section below, "Contacts for Permission Codes for Courses at Other NYU Schools," for the name and email address of who to contact.
  4. If applicable, students must pay the semester registration fee by visiting the Stern Bursar (KMC, 6th Floor), or by making payment online via NYU’s eSuite.

*Note: First-year Finance and Economics students are pre-registered by the Ph.D. Program in their courses for the Fall semester.

Research & Teaching Practica

Students will be automatically registered for all required research and teaching practica.

Non-Stern Courses

Courses at NYU GSAS Economics Department
If you are interested in taking a course in the Economics Department at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, please keep the following policies in mind:

  • Stern Finance and Economics students can take the first-year and upper-level GSAS Economics PhD courses without any approval.
  • Stern PhD students in other departments (e.g. Accounting, Marketing, Management, Operations Management, Information Sciences, and Statistics) must file a formal application to take any GSAS PhD-level Economics course. That application consists of a letter from a Stern faculty member to the Economics Department's Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). That letter should explain both the student's qualifications for the course as well as why the student wants to take the course. If the DGS, in consultation with the course instructor(s), finds that letter acceptable, he or she can either confer permission to the student immediately or meet with the student to make a further evaluation. The final decision as to whether the student will be allowed to take the course is up to the GSAS Economics department.


Contacts for Permission Codes for Courses at Other NYU Schools

Department/Course TypeContact NameContact Email Address
Applied Psychology (APSY-GE)Victoria
Applied Statistics (APSTE-GA)Randall
Computer Science (CSCI-GA)Betty Tsang -or-
Cristina Domingo
Data Science (DS-GA)Kathryn
Math (MATH-GA)Michelle Shin -or-
Gehan Abreu De Colon
Psychology (PSYCH-GA)David
Sociology (SOC-GA)David
Wagner CoursesUse Wagner Cross-Reg FormCross Registration Form


Students seeking to add/drop a course should notify the Area Coordinator in their department, and then the Doctoral Office.

  • Students seeking to drop a Stern or non-Stern course can do so via NYU Albert.
  • Students seeking to add a Stern course can do so via NYU Albert.
  • Students seeking add a non-Stern course should follow the above permission procedures required by each school.

Please consult the front page of the Ph.D. current student website for add/drop dates.

Columbia Consortium
Students interested in taking a course at Columbia's Graduate School of Business should fill out the consortium registration form. Students should first visit the Stern Doctoral Office for a signature on this form. They should then take this form to the Columbia GSB Doctoral Office for a signature. They should also obtain the signature of the course instructor. Once signed by all parties, completed copies of the form should be returned to both the Stern Doctoral Office and Columbia GSB Doctoral Office.

Students must simultaneously register at Stern for "PHDC-GB.3301 - PhD Consortium/Columbia" during the semester in which they are taking the Columbia course.

Students should request a copy of their transcript from the Columbia GSB Registrar once all Columbia coursework has been completed and a grade has been issued. The transcript should be given to the Stern Doctoral Office so grade(s) may be transferred.



Students in years 1 through 5 are required to pay a $275 registration fee every fall and spring. In the semester in which a student completes his/her/their teaching requirement, the Doctoral Program will pay the full registration and services fee. Students in year 6 pay 100 percent of their fees. Late fees will also be charged by the Bursar if students miss the registration deadline.

Maintaining Matriculation

Students who have completed all coursework but have not graduated, must register as Maintaining Matriculation. The Doctoral Office may limit the period that a student maintains matriculation to no more than three years.

Maintaining matriculation establishes student status and enables students to use the Student Health Center, library, and gym.


Full-Time Status and Full-Time Equivalency

All students must maintain full-time status. To qualify for full-time status, a student must register for at least nine credits each during the fall and spring semesters. Incomplete or dropped courses do not count toward the required points.

Students who are maintaining matriculation and who are taking less than 9 credits will be automatically coded for full-time equivalency at the start of the semester. Students who expect to drop below the 9 credit requirement by dropping one or more courses during the semester should notify the Doctoral Office immediately.

The Doctoral Office expects to grant full-time equivalency for up to six semesters, to enable students to:

  • Write the dissertation proposal after passing the comprehensive examination; and
  • Write the dissertation after receiving approval for the dissertation proposal.

In general, to receive full-time equivalency, a student may not be employed, full-time or part-time, except as an NYU instructor or teaching assistant as part of their program of study, or as a grader and/or tutor.

Pre-Doctoral Registration

All Pre-Doctoral students should contact the Ph.D. Office directly to register for courses. Students can use the links above to review Course Schedules. Prior to requesting registration with the Ph.D. Office, students should discuss their intended course of study with their departmental advisor. Students should also adhere to the policy noted above on Full-Time Status and Equivalency.