Yes, our office can provide students with an official letter verifying their enrollment or other student information. We can email you a PDF copy of the requested letter, mail a hard copy to you or a third party, or hold the letter for pick up at the NYU Stern Records & Registration office. To request a letter, please complete the Letter Request Form found here; when completed and signed this form can be sent to us via email, fax, or mailed to our office (our contact information is on the form).  Commonly requested types of letters include:
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Expected Graduation Date
  • Graduation
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Degree Requirements Completed
  • Excusal from Jury Duty
A letter “Verifying Degree Requirements Completed” confirms that you have completed all coursework and requirements to earn your degree, and is drafted in advance of the final posting and conferral of your degree. A letter “Verifying Graduation” can be drafted once your degree has officially been conferred and posted.
Yes. Simply complete and sign the Letter Request Form, and indicate on it your family members’ full-names and their specific relation to you. We will draft a letter of invitation, which will include that information.