As a Stern Graduate Student, how do I register for a course(s) outside of Stern?

Please see the Academic Affairs website for information on registering for courses at other NYU divisions.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I register for courses at the Stern Graduate Division? How can I tell which courses are currently open to non-Stern students?

Please see your program advisor at your school to complete a “Cross-Registration” form. You can also see the cross-registration page on our website for more information on registering for Stern Graduate courses. A list of courses eligible to non-Stern students can be found on our course schedule page. Under “select a student type”, choose “Non-Stern” and then select the appropriate semester from the drop-down menu.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I activate my account at Stern to view Brightspace for the course(s) I am registered in?

Non-Stern students automatically get a Stern account after registering; you must activate this account in order to access Stern class resources such as Brightspace, etc. When activating your Stern account, you will be using your current NYU NetID. For troubleshooting assistance, contact the Stern IT Help Desk

I received approval to register for a Stern course but I cannot find the course in Albert. How can I register?

Please make sure to filter properly when searching for Stern courses. Under the Albert course search, on the right-hand side under "Academic Career" please choose "Stern Schl Business-Grad Div".

I received permission to register for a Stern course but am getting an error that the remaining seats are reserved. What does this mean?

Registration is on a first come, first served basis. At the time the permission was given, the course was open to non-Stern students but has since closed to non-Stern. Your program advisor is welcome to resubmit the cross-registration request closer to the start of the term and we can reevaluate it for seat availability.