As a Stern Graduate Student, how do I register for a course(s) outside of Stern?

Please see the Academic Affairs website for information on registering for courses at other NYU divisions.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I register for courses at the Stern Graduate Division? How can I tell which courses are currently open to non-Stern students?

Please see your academic advisor at your school to complete a “Cross Registration” form. You can also see the cross-registration page on our website for more information on registering for Stern Graduate courses. A list of courses eligible to non-Stern students can be found on our course schedule page. Under “select a student type”, choose “Non-Stern” and then select the appropriate semester from the drop-down menu.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I activate my account at Stern to view NYU Classes for the course(s) I am registered in?

To activate accounts, students should visit For troubleshooting assistance, contact the Stern IT Help Desk

I received approval to register for a Stern course but I cannot find the course in Albert. How can I register?

Please make sure to filter properly when searching for Stern courses. Under the Albert course search, on the right-hand side under "Academic Career" please choose "Stern Schl Business-Grad Div".

I received permission to register for a Stern course but am getting an error that the remaining seats are reserved. What does this mean?

Registration is on a first come, first served basis. At the time the permission was given, the course was open to non-Stern students but has since closed to non-Stern. Your advisor is welcome to resubmit the cross-registration request closer to the start of the term and we can reevaluate it for seat availability.