You can order copies of your official and/or unofficial transcript online. You have the option of ordering electronic transcripts or hard copy transcripts.
A maximum of 10 official and/or unofficial transcripts will be processed for each request. If you order multiple official transcripts, they will arrive individually sealed.
Paper transcripts are completely free, unless you elect to pay for a faster shipping speed. (Transcripts are sent via standard USPS mail and take 7-10 business days to arrive in the current circumstances). Unofficial electronic transcripts are also free. However, there is a small fee per each electronic official transcript you order.
No, we do not fax transcripts. However, you can order an electronic PDF copy of your transcript.
If you attended the graduate Stern program prior to the summer of 2018, there will be an automatic hold on your account, as your records were transferred over from our old system. The hold on your account will be released within 1-2 business days, after which your transcript will be mailed via standard USPS mail. In the current circumstances, regular mail takes approximately 7-10 business days to arrive.

When you place an order for a transcript, you will be offered alternative shipping methods that include tracking/expedited service, but bear in mind that a cost will be associated. Expedited shipping is strongly recommended for transcripts being mailed internationally, as otherwise the transcript may take several weeks to arrive.
You can follow the instructions listed on the step sheet found here.
Both official and unofficial transcripts will take 1-2 business days to process. Current students can print unofficial transcripts via Albert. Click here for more information.
If there is a form you need to be completed on the registrar's end, please email us at before you order a transcript. When you order a transcript online, you must submit the final version of any attachments you include.