Grading Information

Grading System

The Stern Grading System
Prior to Fall 2018 As of Fall 2018
Grade Point Value Grade Point Value
A 4.0 A 4.000
A- 3.7 A- 3.667
B+ 3.3 B+ 3.333
B 3.0 B 3.000
B- 2.7 B- 2.667
C+ 2.3 C+ 2.333
C 2.0 C 2.000
C- 1.7 C- 1.667
D+ 1.3 D+ 1.333
D 1.0 D 1.000
F 0.0 F 0.000

The below grades are without numerical value and are not included in the grade point average:

  • IF - Incomplete Failing: Student was failing at the time grade was submitted and lapses to an "F" if not made up within the grace period of five months.
  • IP - Incomplete Passing: Student was passing at time the grade was submitted and lapses to an "N" if not made up within the grace period of five months.
  • N - No Credit. Used to indicate that an "IP" has lapsed or that a course taken on a Pass/No Credit basis was not successfully completed.
  • P - Pass. Used only for passing grades received while on the International Management Program, for Business Writing workshops and other specially designated courses offered on a Pass/No Credit basis.
  • R - Registered Auditor. Students may not retake a course for credit in which an "R" is granted. Auditor status should be noted at the time of registration or within the first four weeks of the fall or spring semester and within the first two weeks of the summer semester. Auditor status cannot be revoked once it has been requested. Students must pay full tuition for a course taken as a registered auditor. Also used for non-credit, pre-term workshops.
  • S - Satisfactory. The grade is used for dissertation seminars or to indicate that a final grade is pending for a yearly course.
  • W - Withdrawal. Means the student voluntarily and officially withdrew from the course and received no credit. Students may drop any course for which they are registered and automatically receive a "W" by processing a Program Change form at the Office of Records and Registration any time through the last day of the fourth week of class for the semester. Students who receive a "W" may retake the course for credit provided they re-register and pay to take the course again.

Computing Grade Point Average

To determine grade point average, divide the total number of credits completed into the total number of honor credits granted. For example, a student completing 20 credits with 50 honor credits would have a grade point average of 2.5. The grade point average includes grades in all courses taken while registered in a particular program, whether or not they fulfill any program requirements.

Grade Reports

At the end of each semester, subject to completion of the Course Evaluation (CE) for each course and at the end of the associated CE reporting period, grades will be posted on the Web. Students are expected to complete a CE for each course they take. If the CE for a course is not completed, the grade for that course will not be released until 30 days after the end of the associated CE reporting period.

Incomplete Grades

The student must specifically request a grade of Incomplete before the last day of classes. This request is subject to the instructor's approval.

An incomplete grade received for a course taken in the Fall, must be completed by the following June 1. An incomplete grade received for a course taken in Spring or Summer must be completed by the following January 1. Graduating students have revised deadline; please see Graduation Requirements for those deadlines.

"Sitting in" during the following semester is not permitted.

For most doctoral seminars, incomplete grades lapse if the required work is not completed within one year. However, doctoral students majoring in finance must finish incomplete courses within six months.

Repeating Courses

Grades of F (including those received from incomplete - IF - lapses) are included in the grade point average and remain on a student's record even after the student has repeated the course and received a passing grade. Students may not repeat courses in which they have previously received passing grades.

Transcripts of Record

You can request a transcript at any time, free of charge.