Program Progress

To remain in good academic standing, Stern MBA students must:

  • Satisfactorily complete one course in the semester for which they are admitted; those who do not, must reapply for admission in a subsequent semester.
  • Satisfactorily complete at least 6 credits each academic year.
    • This requirement of at least 6 credits each academic year (and only this requirement) may be suspended in cases of multiple Leaves of Absence
  • Satisfactorily complete at least 24 credits within the first three years.
  • Satisfactorily complete all requirements for the degree within a maximum of six years from initial enrollment in the program.
Students who are unable to maintain this pace will not be permitted to continue in their degree program.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To maintain satisfactory academic progress, students must maintain minimum grade point average standards. Specifically, students must earn cumulative GPAs according to the criteria outlined below:

For graduation eligibility: 2.5000 and above
To avoid Academic Probation: 2.3000 and above
To avoid dismissal from NYU Stern: 2.1000 and above

Grade point averages include all coursework that appears on the Graduate Stern transcript, whether or not it actually fulfills program requirements.

A 2.5000 grade point average is required of all MBA program students to meet eligibility requirements for graduation.

If a student’s GPA falls below 2.3000 at any point while matriculated in a degree program, he or she will be placed on Academic Probation.  Academic Probation signals that a student is not in good academic standing and that he or she is at risk of falling below the minimum program GPA requirements.

While a student is on Academic Probation, the Academic Policy Board will have the discretion to enforce program restrictions including: credit limits, eligibility for course registration, GPA requirement, student activities (clubs, treks, conferences, etc.), Study Abroad.

Regardless of GPA, students may also be placed on academic probation for earning a grade of “Incomplete” for multiple courses and/or failing to satisfactorily complete agreed upon program completion requirements.

If a student’s GPA falls below a 2.1000, he or she will be dismissed from the program. 

Academic Progress

For more information on grading requirements and policies to maintain satisfactory academic progress in your program, please visit:…

Minimum Residency Requirement

Students must complete 75% of their academic program (45 credits) at Stern. All Core Courses must be completed at Stern. Students may take a maximum of 15 elective credits outside of Stern on IMP courses (Study Abroad), courses at other NYU divisions, or at other AACSB accredited schools.

Full-time Student Employment Policy

Full-time students who have completed fewer than 15 credits are strongly discouraged from taking on any type of employment that interferes with their full participation in the MBA program. Any outside employment commitment that negatively impacts the students' academic, community, or career experience at Stern could be subject to Academic Policy Board review. Students who have completed more than 15 credits and have a GPA of at least 3.0000 are pre-approved to work part-time or to intern for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Students are never encouraged to accept full-time employment while enrolled in the Full-time MBA program.