How do I add/drop/swap courses in Albert?

Please refer to the Albert Training Guides for detailed instructions.

I am trying to register for two intensives in which the dates do not overlap, but Albert is giving me an error message. How do I resolve this?

Please confirm that the course dates may not overlap between courses since intensive courses cannot run concurrently. If the error persists please provide us with a screenshot of the issue at

How do I add a course after the last add date?

If the last add date for a course has passed then you will have to petition with the Academic Policy Board (APB). For more information about this please contact Academic Affairs at 212-998-0585

I want to drop a course, however, the 100% tuition refund period and/or the last date to withdraw period has passed. What do I do?

Students will need to petition with the Academic Policy Board (APB). For more information about this please contact Academic Affairs at 212-998-0585.

I am in the Langone Weekend Program. Can I register for weeknight classes?

Yes, you can register for weeknight classes during the Add/Drop period.

How do I switch from the Langone weekend program to the weeknight program?

Langone students will need to reach out to Academic Affairs whom will be able to assist you with making the program switch. Academic Affairs may be contacted at

How do I request a credit overload (full-time students) or an acceleration of program (Langone students)?

Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs & Advising to request a credit overload or an acceleration of program.

I am approved for a credit overload/acceleration of program, but the system does not allow me to register online. What do I do?

Please confirm with Academic Affairs & Advising that the credit overload/acceleration of program has been put onto the system. Otherwise, please let us know how many total credits you have been approved for and the class(es) you are attempting to add to your schedule.

I’m graduating this term. When and how can I register for a “free course”?

All full-time students and Langone students who will exceed their credit maximum in the last semester must submit a request for a credit override to Academic Affairs & Advising before registering for a free course. Once approved, you can register for the class during the add/drop period on the date specified. Please note that the free class must be taken in the semester (and in conjunction with other course work) in which you complete your 60 credit requirement (51 credits for Focused MBA).
Additional information regarding free course registration can be found on Advising’s website.

Can I audit a course?

Yes. For information regarding Auditing Courses, please see the Academic Affairs and Advising website.

Note: Full tuition and fees apply, and audited classes do not count toward the required degree program credits. Winter module, Late Summer module, and free courses cannot be audited. Auditor status cannot be revoked once it has been requested. An audited class cannot be taken again for credit and a grade.

Can I take Stern MBA classes as an Alumni? If so, how?

Yes. Please visit the Alumni Relations website to learn more about the many exciting Life Long Learning opportunities available to you.