Leave of Absence

Degree candidates must maintain continuous matriculation throughout the duration of the program.

Students may maintain matriculation by registering for courses or requesting a Leave of Absence during each fall and spring semester in which they are enrolled in the MBA program. Students who are unable to enroll during a fall or spring semester, or  who drop or withdraw from all courses must request a leave of absence. 

  • Students do not need to register or request a Leave of Absence during the Summer Modules (Summer I, Summer II and Summer Intensive). 
  • The Winter Intensive is considered part of the spring semester. Students who take courses in the Winter Intensive period but not the proper spring semester are maintaining matriculation for the spring and do not need to request a leave of absence for that semester. 

Maintaining matriculation:

  • reserves a student's place in the degree program as a continuing student.
  • ensures that the student will continue to receive registration materials and any other communications to enrolled students.