Declaration/Change of Major or Specialization

Full and Part-Time Students

The area of interest that you indicated on your application for admission to the Stern School will become your specialization. If you wish to change your specialization at any time, you may do so via the My Academic Progress (MAP) page. Please be reminded that while specializations are optional and all students graduate with a General Management major. Once a specialization has been declared it must be supported by the revelant course work and it is the student's responsibility to remove the specialization if the requisite course work has not been satisifed. For further questions, please contact your advising office: full-time students may contact Academic Affairs & Advising and part-time students may contact the Langone Program Office.

Note: For part-time students in the former “major” curriculum, a change of major request may be made through the Langone Program Office.

Specializations are optional and not required for graduation. To be eligible to graduate with a specialization, all students must formally declare and point supporting courses to any declared specialization through their My Academic Progress (MAP) page. For questions regarding declaring specializations and pointing courses, please consult your advising office.