Tuition & Payment

  • Students receiving loan checks from or through NYU Bursar may need to endorse them at the Stern Bursar Office. Stern Bursar will contact you if this is necessary. Funds received electronically will be posted to student accounts automatically.
  • Refund checks, for financial aid in excess of charges, should be cut beginning the second week of classes.
  • Students attending NYU Stern’s IMP program must contact the Financial Aid and Bursar Offices prior to departure to ensure financial registration is complete and they will not be dropped from classes.
  • Payment in full (or the Tuition & Fees Worksheet, available from Stern Bursar, if financial aid is being used) is required by the payment deadline. Failure to provide either payment or the Tuition & Fees Worksheet will result in your being dropped from classes and late charges will be applied.
  • Transcripts and diplomas will not be available until financial obligations are cleared with the Bursar Office.
  • A $100 late fee will be charged to anyone who turns in a Tuition & Fees Worksheet after his or her payment deadline. Subsequently, a one percent interest per month after the first month will be charged to your account in addition to the late registration fee if payment is not received by the first day of classes.