Sustainable Business and Innovation Specialization

The Sustainable Business and Innovation specialization aims to equip students with an understanding of key sustainability challenges and opportunities for business today as well as current and emerging business practice.  Leading companies and NGOs are blending social, environmental and more traditional economic perspectives to create innovative conceptual frameworks and strategies. This specialization will provide students with the knowledge and skills to help their organizations use sustainability to drive competitive advantage, innovation, and value for society.

Academic Advisors:
Michael Pollack, 212-992-6805
Tensie Whelan, 212-998-0530

Course List

Course Number Course Title
BSPA-GB.2305 Sustainability for Competitive Advantage
BSPA-GB.2304 Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development
BSPA-GB.2306 Social Enterprise in Sustainable Food Business
BSPA-GB.2307 Case Study Development in Sustainable Business
BSPA-GB.2308 Driving Market Solutions for Clean Energy
BSPA-GB.2331 Law, Business and Human Rights
BSPA-GB.3105 Global Markets, Human Rights, and the Press
BSPA-GB.3110 Work, Wisdom, and Happiness*
BSPA-GB.3337 Social Problem-based Entrepreneurship
DBIN-GB.3110 Doing Business in Costa Rica: Sustainable Business in Latin America
DBIN-GB.3122 Doing Business in Copenhagen: Regenerative Sustainability
DBIN-GB.3318 Doing Business in South Africa (Cape Town)
ECON-GB.2110 The Business of Health & Medical Care***
ECON-GB.2346 Growth in the Developing World and the Global Economy
FINC-GB.3147 A Financial Approach to Climate Change
FINC-GB.3148 Social Venture Capital
FINC-GB.3348 Investing for Environmental and Social Impact
FINC-GB.3355 Impact Investing in Family Offices
INTA-GB.3110 Investor Relations Strategy
INTA-GB.3171 Independent Study: Signature Project -NYU Impact Investing Fund (NIIF)**
MGMT-GB 2100 Inclusive Leadership
MGMT-GB.2368 Strategy: A Social Purpose

Maximum of 3 credits from this set: 
Course Number Course Title
PADM-GP 2311 Social Impact Investment
PADM-GP 2312 Managing Financial and Social Returns of the Social Enterprise
PADM-GP 4314  Environmental Finance and Social Impact
PADM-GP 4313  The Intersection of Finance and Social Justice

*Course is eligible to meet specialization requirements beginning Fall 2019
**This course must be manually pointed in order to fulfill your specialization requirements. Please contact Academic Affairs and Advising for more information. 
For course descriptions, please see the Office of Records & Registration website.
***Course is not eligible for this specialization beginning Spring 2020.