Healthcare Specialization

The healthcare sector represents about one fifth of the US economy. With its numerous hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, the greater New York City area is at the center of this growing sector. The Healthcare specialization is targeted at MBA students who desire to deepen their knowledge of the market forces, corporate strategies, and entrepreneurial initiatives that are shaping the sector.

Academic Advisor: Professor Luis Cabral

Course List

Students who select the Healthcare specialization must also complete COR1-GB.1302: Leadership in Organizations, COR1-GB.1303: Firms and Markets, and COR1-GB.2301: Strategy (or equivalent) in addition to 9.0 credits from the list below:  

Part I of the Specialization:

ECON-GB.2374 Healthcare Markets (3 credits)

Part II of the Specialization:

Section A: Complete at least 3 credits from the list below:
Course Number Course Title
ECON-GB.2110 Health and Medical Care Business 
ECON-GB.2112 Economics of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries 
ECON-GB.2113 Value-driven Health Care 
ECON-GB.2114 Health Care Economics & Strategy 
MKTG-GB.2130 Innovation i n Pharma & Biotech
MGMT-GB.2312 Biotechnology Industry: Structure & Strategy
FINC-GB 3155 Financial Analysis in Healthcare
TECH-GB 3145 Healthcare Transformation, Data Analytics and Emerging Technologies
HPAM-GP.2846 The Realities of Managing Complex Health Systems
HPAM-GP.2867 Health Systems and Reform: Comparative International Perspectives
HPAM-GP.4838 The Making of a Healthcare Entrepreneur
BMSC-GA.4419 Drug Development in a New Era

Section B: The remaining credits may be selected from the list below:
Course Number Course Title 
ECON-GB.2313 Data Bootcamp 
ECON-GB.2348 Public Policy and Business Strategy
MGMT-GB.2327 Managing the Growing Company
MGMT-GB 2353  Managing Change
MGMT-GB 2375 Advanced Strategy: Tools
MGMT-GB.3339 Endless Frontiers Lab course
STAT-GB.3310 App. Statistical Models to Business, Politics and Policy
HPAM-GP.2825 Continuous Quality Improvement
HPAM-GP 4840 Financial Management of Health Care Orgs: Principles
HPAM-GP 4841 Financial Management of Health Care Orgs: Advanced Issues

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