Digital Marketing Specialization

The internet and advances in digitization and social networking are transforming how companies and governments interact with customers and partners. Virtually every company in every industry is committed to establishing a “digital presence” that enables it to interact with customers and suppliers in new ways.  As a result, today’s marketing managers need a deep understanding of how digital tools can be used to develop insights about customers and competitors and make key decisions about price, communications, channels, and products.  These tools include the latest developments in areas such as social media, crowdsourcing, data analytics, mobile, and e-commerce.  This specialization provides students with the strategic and analytical skills to obtain positions in organizations that are using these digital marketing tools and resources to add value to those organizations.  The organizations include the “suppliers” of these new digital tools (e.g., Google, Facebook), consulting firms and advertising agencies, and traditional companies that are routinely using these tools and resources to aid in making everyday decisions.

Academic Advisors:

Professor Vasant Dhar, 212-998-0816
Professor Russell Winer, 212-998-0540

Course List

For students beginning the MBA program during or after Summer 2016:

Complete a combination of 9 credits from the two lists below, taking at least 3 credits from each one.


Complete at least 3 credits (and up to 6 credits) from the list below:
Course Number Course Title
MKTG-GB.2344  Data Driven Decision Making: Managerial
MKTG-GB.2354         Data-Driven Decision Making: Technical
TECH-GB.2336* Data Science for Business Analytics - Technical
TECH-GB.3310   Digital Marketing Analytics
TECH-GB.3336* Data Science for Business Analytics - Managerial
TECH-GB.3383  Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World

* Not eligible to count towards this specialization if this course was taken as part of your core requirements (Full-Time students only).


Complete at least 3 credits (and up to 6 credits) from the list below:
Course Number     Course Title
INTA-GB.2140 Narrative & Numbers
MKTG-GB.2124 Digital Disruption: Creating and Capturing Value
MKTG-GB.2125 Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB.2133 Digitalization and Society
MKTG-GB.2150  Social Media & Mobile Technologies
MKTG-GB.2173  New Media in Marketing                                                                                    
MKTG-GB.2325 Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB.3340 Digitial Marketing Fundementals
TECH-GB.2318 Digital Strategy
TECH-GB.3335  Electronic Communities
LAW-LW.11019.001  Information Privacy Law

Course List:

For students who began the MBA program prior to Summer 2016:

Complete 9 credits from the lists below:
Course Number     Course Title
INTA-GB.3340 Digital Marketing
MKTG-GB.2109 Advertising 3.0: Communication in the Digital Age
MKTG-GB.2150 Social Media
MKTG-GB.2173 New Media in Marketing
MKTG-GB.2309 Advertising
MKTG-GB.2325 Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB.2365 Brand Strategy*
TECH-GB.2318                Digital Strategy                                                                                  
TECH-GB.2336 Data Science for Business Analytics - Technical
TECH-GB.3136 Search and the New Economy
TECH-GB.3310 Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics
TECH-GB.3322 Design and Development of Web and Mobile Applications
TECH-GB.3335 Electronic Communities
TECH-GB.3336 Data Mining for Business Analytics - Managerial
TECH-GB.3339 Being Digital: Search, Social Media and Crowdsourcing
TECH-GB.3383 Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World                  

Course at the Law School
LAW-LW.11019 Information Privacy Law 
* For students who began the MBA program prior to Summer 2016; in order for you to have MKTG-GB.2365 count towards the Digital Marketing Specialization, you must have your professor approve a digital marketing project and complete a required form. Please contact Academic Affairs and Advising to obtain this form. Upon approval by the professor, the form must then be submitted to Academic Affairs and Advising.