Faculty Awards & Grants


Lisa Leslie Sage Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award - AOM Gender and Diversity in Organizations 2021
Callen Anthony Industry Studies Association's 2021 Emerging Scholar Award 2021
Zur Shapira Inducted as Fellow of the Academy of Management 2020
Taylor Phillips Poets&Quants top 50 undergraduate professors of 2020  2020
Michael North  Poets&Quants top 50 undergraduate professors of 2020  2020
Sinziana Dorobantu elected to the Executive Committee of the Strategy (STR) Division of the Academy of Management 2020
Taylor Phillips Named one Poets & Quants' Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors of 2020 2020
Lisa Leslie Recipient of the Scholarly Achievement Award sponsored by the Human Resources (HR) Division of the Academy of Management 2020
Dolly Chugh Recipient of the 2019-2020 Distinguished Teaching Award 2020
Dolly Chugh Finalist for the MBA Professor of the Year award 2019-2020 2020
Sonia Marciano Finalist for the MBA Professor of the Year award 2019-2020 2020
Taylor Phillips Taylor Phillips awarded an NTR-INGRoup grant for her project "Same Goal, Different Means? The Intragroup Dynamics of Intergroup Collective Action Coalitions" 2020
Rob Salomon Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University "Bright Idea Award" for "Have you been served? Extending the relationship between corporate social responsibility and lawsuits" 2019
Callen Anthony Organization Science Top Review Award
Finalist: OMT Division Louis Pondy Award
Sinziana Dorobantu Finalist: Carolyn B. Dexter Award
Finalist: STR Division Best Conference Paper Award
Joe Porac ASQ 5-year impact award 2019
Beth Bechky Finalist: AMD Best Article Award 2019
Frances Milliken Inducted as an AOM Fellow 2019
Katia Meggiorin Finalist: 2018 Journal of Business & Society Best Paper Award for "Measuring organizational legitimacy in social media: Assessing citizens' judgements with sentiment analysis" 2019
Madeline King Kneeland
Melissa Schilling
"Exploring Uncharted Territory: Knowledge Search Processes in the Origination of Outlier Innovations" accepted to Organization Science 2019
Sinziana Dorobantu Best Conference Paper Award at the Academy of International Business Annual Conference 2019
Robert Salomon Silver Medal for exceptional intellectual contributions to the field of International Business, sponsored by the Academy of Management 2019
Callen Anthony Industry Studies Association "Best Dissertation" Award
Finalist: Louis Pondy Award, Academy of Management
Sinziana Dorobantu IM Division FIU Emerging Scholar Award. 2018
Kevin Lee Runner-up: OMT Division "Best Paper on Entrepreneurship" Award 2018
Lisa Leslie HR Division Scholarly Achievement Award 2018
Frances Milliken MOC Division 20 year service award 2018
Batia Wiesenfeld Inducted to the AOM Fellows Group 2018
Siyu Yu CM Division "Best Student Paper" Award 2018
Gavin Kilduff Finalist: AMJ "Best Article" Award. 2017
Melissa Schilling & Madeline King Finalists: SMS "Best Paper Prize" (with co-author, Barak Aharonson)  2017
Gino Cattani  Deputy Senior Editor, Organization Science 2017
Ari Ginsberg Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Finance & Economics, Ton Duc Thang University 2017
Jason Greenberg  "Outstanding Publication in OB" Award , sponsored by the Journal of Managerial Psychology 2017
Jason Greenberg, Gino Cattani & Joseph Porac National Science Foundation  2017
William Guth "Chris Argyris Lifetime Acheivement Award", sponsored by the Practice Theme Committee of AOM  2017
Lisa Leslie "Most Influential Paper Award", sponsored by the Conflict Management Division, Academy of Management 2017
Robert Salomon  Roundtable disussant, Forbes' 30 under 30 Event 2017
Elad Sherf "Best Reviewer Award" in CM & OB divisions, sponsored by the Academy of Management 2017
Gino Cattani  Senior Editor, Advances in Strategic Management  2016 - Present
Steve Blader Top Thought Leader in Trust, TRUST Across America 2016

Sinziana Dorobantu

Dale E. Zand Best Paper Award in Management
Finalist: Alan M. Rugman Most Promising Scholar Award


Lisa Leslie Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal 
Reviewer of the Year Award, Journal of Business and Psychology
Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management
Outstanding Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Journal
Sonia Marciano 
Stern Excellence in Executive MBA, NYU Stern
Faculty Leadership Award
Distinguished Teaching Award for Excellence in Innovation and Teaching
Robert Salomon  "Best Business Books of 2016" for Global Vision, Strategy & Business Magazine 
Best Books of 2016, Strategy + Business Magazine
Best Books of 2016, Soundview Executive
Melissa Schilling  Appointed to the American Antitrust Institute Advisory Board 2016
Zur Shapira Keynote Speaker, McGill University 
Visiting Scholar, Center for Rationality, Jerusalem
Elizabeth Boyle  Organization Science for Extraordinary Service to the Editorial Board, INFORMS  2015
Gino Cattani  Associate Editor, Management Science
Outstanding Reviewer Award, Management Science 
Dolly Chugh  Stern Distinguished Teaching Award, NYU Stern 
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School Hall of Honor, West Windsor-Plainsboro School District
White House Council of Economic Advisor Issue Brief
JP Eggers Reviewer Appreciation Award, Organization Science  2015
Deepak Hegde 40 Top Business School Professors Under 40, Poets and Quants  2015
Lisa Leslie Nominee, Parasuraman Award for Outstanding Gender and Diversity Award 2015

Frances Milliken 

Outstanding Reviewer Award, Organizational Behavior Division of the AOM


Elizabeth Morrison 

Outstanding Reviewer Award, Organizational Behavior Division of the AOM
Associate Editor, Behavioral Science and Policy

2015- Present

Michael North 

"Rising Star" Designation, Association for Psychological Science 


Robert Seamans 

Senior Economist, President's Council of Economic Advisors
Management Science Best Paper Award, Runner Up, Management Science/INFORMS
Frances Milliken  Invited Keynote Speaker, Academy of Management 2014

Zur Shapira 

Editor in Chief, Organization Science (INFORMS Journal)


Frances Milliken Distinguised Scholar Award, Academy of Management 2013