Strategy Specialization

The goal of a successful strategy is the alignment of a firm’s internal resources and capabilities with external market opportunities to sustain an advantage relative to rivals. The strategy specialization is designed for students who will pursue careers in strategy consulting or corporate strategic planning departments. Careers oriented toward general business management, entrepreneurship, and investment banking also will benefit from greater depth in strategy coursework. The courses in this specialization provide students with cutting-edge theories and practice on such topics as value creation and capture, external analysis of industries, internal analysis of a firm’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, competitive positioning, multimarket and corporate strategy, strategic decision-making, and strategy implementation.

Academic Advisor: Professor Melissa Schilling

Course List

Students who select the Strategy specialization must also complete COR1-GB.2103 - Strategy I and COR1-GB.2104 - Strategy II (or COR1-GB 2301) or COR1-GB 2101 - Strategy, in addition to 9.0 credits from the list below:

Course Number    Course Title
BSPA-GB.2305Sustainability for Competitive Advantage***
BSPA-GB.2105Sustainability for Competitive Advantage***
BSPA-GB.3318Corporate Governance
INTA-GB.2306Business Drivers: An Analytical Framework 
INTA-GB.3322West Coast Tech immersion
INTA-GB.3323Tech Solutions
FINC-GB.3196Mergers and Acquisitions 
MGMT-GB.2113The Strategist
MGMT-GB.2308Venture Building for Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs
MGMT-GB.2313The Strategist
MGMT-GB.2327Managing the Growing Company
MGMT-GB.2339Strategic Ownership
MGMT-GB.2340Global Strategy
MGMT-GB.2370Strategic Design
MGMT-GB.2375Advanced Strategy: Tools
MGMT-GB.3128Advanced Strategic Analysis
MGMT-GB.3129Advanced Corporate Strategy
MGMT-GB.3155Technology Innovation Strategy
MGMT-GB.3306Consulting Practice: Processes & Problem-Solving
MGMT-GB.3323Game Theory
MGMT-GB.3328Advanced Strategic Analysis
MGMT-GB.3335Foundations of Entrepreneurship
MGMT-GB.3339Endless Frontier Lab**
MGMT-GB.3356Design Thinking for Managers
MKTG-GB.2192Predicting the Future of Technology
MKTG-GB.2392Strategic Foresight and Predicting the Future of Technology

Maximum of 3 credits from this set:

Course Number    Course Title
BSPA-GB.2115 Political Risk Analysis
BSPA-GB.3362Corporate Turnarounds and Leadership
ECON-GB.2110The Business of Health & Medical Care
ECON-GB.2112Economics and Management of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
ECON-GB.2114Healthcare Economics & Strategy
ECON-GB.2148Public Policy and Business Strategy
ECON-GB.2345The Business of Platforms, Networks, and Two-sided Markets         
ECON-GB.2348Public Policy and Business Strategy
ECON-GB.2360Sports Economics
FINC-GB.2304Restructuring Firms and Industries*
FINC-GB.2310Managing Financial Businesses
FINC-GB.3125Corporate Strategy and Finance in Entertainment and Media
FINC-GB.3126Financial Analysis in Telecom, Media & Technology
FINC-GB.3165Private Equity Finance
FINC-GB.3365Private Equity Finance
INTA-GB.2114Political Risk Analysis
INTA-GB.2307Tech Industry Drivers: An Analytical Framework
INTA-GB.2313FinTech Experiential Learning
MKTG-GB.2125Digital Media Innovation
MGMT-GB.2105Strategic Management of AI
MGMT-GB.2131Introduction to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition & Search Funds
MGMT-GB.2332Managing a High Tech Company: The CEO perspective
MGMT-GB.2140Strategic Management of Global Risk*
MGMT-GB.2143Strategy and Innovation in China
MGMT-GB.2153Managing Change
MGMT-GB.2353Managing Change*
MKTG-GB.2119Entertainment and Media Industries
MKTG-GB.2124Digital Disruption: Creating and Capturing Consumer Value
MKTG-GB.2133Digitalization and Society
MKTG-GB.2355Retail Strategy & Analytics
MKTG-GB.2370New Products
MKTG-GB 2371Innovation and Design
MKTG-GB.3152Strategy in Technology Intensive Industries
OPMG-GB.2360 Real Estate Development & Entrepreneurship
TECH-GB.2318Digital Strategy
TECH-GB.3155Digital Innovation and Crowdsourcing
TECH-GB.3355Globalization, Open Innovation, and Crowdsourcing: New Ways of Organizing*
MGMT-GB.3358Leading Innovation to Address Climate Change
TECH-GB.3362Emerging Technology and Business Innovation

*Note: For students beginning the MBA program during or after Spring 2019, this course is now part of the "Maximum of 3 credits from this set" section.
**Note: Students may point a maximum of 6 credits of MGMT-GB.3339 Endless Frontier Lab (EFL) toward the Strategy Specialization.
***Note: Only one of the following courses can be pointed: BSPA-GB.2305 Sustainability for Competitive Advantage or BSPA-GB.2105 Sustainability for Competitive Advantage 

For course descriptions, please see the Office of Records & Registration website.