Tech Product Management Specialization

Tech Product Management involves developing the ability to create, test, and deploy innovative ideas in technology-enabled businesses. The specialization emphasizes data-driven decision making, a focus on innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset. A Tech Product Management specialization prepares students for careers as product managers, as well as those that interact with product managers -- product marketing, technology development, and technology strategy.

Academic Advisor: Professor J.P. Eggers,

Course List

Part I of the Specialization:

MKTG-GB.2191 Tech Product Management I
MKTG-GB.2193 Tech Product Management II

Part II of the Specialization:

Section A: Complete at least 3 credits (and up to 6 credits) from the list below:

Course Number Course Title
CSCI-GA.2820** DevOps
INTA-GB.2307 Tech Industry Drivers: An Analytical Framework
INTA-GB.3323 Tech Solutions
MGMT-GB.3155 Tech Innovation Strategy
MGMT-GB.3356 Design Thinking for Managers
MKTG-GB.2124 Digital Disruption: Creating and Capturing Value
MKTG-GB.2344 Data Driven Decision Making: Managerial
MKTG-GB.2354 Data Driven Decision Making: Technical
MKTG-GB.2371 Innovation and Design
MKTG-GB 3152 Strategy in Technology Intensive Industries
TECH-GB.2318 Digital Strategy
TECH-GB.3306 Data Visualization
TECH-GB.3336* Data Science for Business Analytics - Managerial

Section B: Maximum of 3 credits from the list below:

Course Number Course Title
ECON-GB.2123 Chinese Consumer, Media and Technology Market
ECON-GB.2345 The Business of Platforms, Networks, and Two-sided Markets
FINC-GB.3324 Digital Currency, Blockchains & the Future of the Financial Services Industry
INTA-GB.2313 Fintech Experiential Learning Project
INTA-GB.2380 Foundations of Fintech
INTA-GB.3143 Digital Music Business
INTA-GB.3340 Digital Marketing
MCOM-GB.2100 Management Communications
MGMT-GB.2105 Strategic Management of AI
MGMT-GB.3366 Power and Politics in Organizations
MGMT-GB 3339 Endless Frontier Labs
MKTG-GB.2109 Advertising 3.0: Communication in the Digital Age
MKTG-GB.2125 Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB.2132 Digital Transformations in Media & Entertainment
MKTG-GB.2192 Predicting the Future of Technology
MKTG-GB.2325 Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB.2353 Pricing
MKTG-GB.2370 New Products
MKTG-GB 2392 Strategic Foresight and Predicting the Future of Technology
MKTG-GB.3340 Digital Marketing Fundementals
OPMG-GB.2150 Decision Models and Analytics
OPMG-GB.2350 Decision Models and Analytics
TECH-GB.2114 Cybersecurity & Privacy
TECH-GB.2131 High Tech Entrepreneurship
TECH-GB.2135 Programming in Python
TECH-GB.2147 Databases for Business Analytics
TECH-GB.2148 Dealing with Data
TECH-GB.2332 Managing a High Tech Company: The CEO perspective
TECH-GB.2335 Programming in Python & Fundementals of Software Development
TECH-GB.2336* Data Science for Business Analytics - Technical
TECH-GB.2345 Tech and the City: Customer-Centric Digital Entrepreneurship
TECH-GB.2346 Dealing with Data
TECH-GB.3109 Digital Marketing Analytics
TECH-GB.3155 Digital Innovation and Crowdsourcing
TECH-GB.3162 Emerging Technologies
TECH-GB.3310 Digital Marketing Analytics
TECH-GB.3362 Emerging Technology & Business Innovation

* Not eligible to count towards this specialization if this course was taken as part of your core requirements (Full-Time two-year MBA students only).

**This course is reserved for Focused Tech MBA students.

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