Management Specialization

The management specialization is designed for students who will pursue careers as general managers in large established firms, family firms, social enterprises, or new ventures. Students build additional expertise in both strategic management and the management of organizations. The courses in this specialization provide students with the knowledge necessary to be a senior manager of a business unit or firm. Students can combine coursework in strategy and strategic management with additional learning in negotiations, leadership, and decision-making in a way that provides an overall understanding of the management process of both large and small organizations.

Academic Advisor: Professor Anat Lechner, 212-998-0263

Course List

All MGMT-GB courses apply plus the following:


Course Number Course Title
BSPA-GB.3318 Corporate Governance
ECON-GB.2355 Behavioral Economics: Decisions and Strategies
MCOM-GB 2100 Management Communication
MCOM-GB 2106 Improvisation for Effective Leadership
MCOM-GB.3311 Communication for Consultants
MKTG-GB.2181 Creativity
MKTG-GB.2335 Judgment and Decision Making
MKTG-GB.2381 Creativity
OPMG-GB.2350 Decision Models and Analytics

*Only one of the following courses can be pointed: MKTG-GB.2335 Judgment and Decision Making or MGMT-GB.2150 Judgment and Decision Making.

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