Management of Technology and Operations

The management of information technology and operations in an integrated manner and their strategic alignment with business models are both essential to achieving business success. Operational excellence is the key driver to performance in a world that is increasingly driven by information.

Operations management provides the tools to analyze, improve and position a firm's operations to achieve the best fit with the firm's competitive strategy, marketing priorities and financial constraints. It provides a link to strategy and its successful execution. It makes available metrics for managing businesses, such as, six sigma quality, order to delivery cycle, inventory turns, and capacity utilization.

Information technologies continually redefine possible business models and operations across industries, creating new markets, channels and spaces of interaction. They are an integral part of developing new products, designing new organizations, managing customer relationships, and in achieving operational excellence.

A specialization in management of technology and operations enables you to think about technology-enabled business models, and the alignment of information technology and operations with corporate strategy. Decisions about investments in IT and the design of operations have far reaching consequences for development of products and services, managing customers, and achieving operational excellence.  Courses in this specialization will provide you with the following capabilities:

  1. Linking the success and valuation of organizations with the effective design and management of its information technology assets, data and operations.
  2. Aligning operations strategy and information technology with business models and understanding how to make investment decisions regarding information technology and operations.
  3. Crafting operations and information technology strategies to exploit emerging opportunities enabled by digital convergence and the increasingly electronic nature of all aspects of business.

This specialization is especially suitable for careers in Consulting, Financial Services, Management of Information Technology, and Operations. Due to the extent to which the internet fuels new information technology-based opportunities, the specialization is also valuable for entrepreneurs.

Academic Advisor: Yannis Bakos,

Course List

Course Number Course Title
ECON-GB.2313 Data Bootcamp
FINC-GB.2310 Managing Financial Businesses
INTA-GB.2122 Disruption, Entrepreneurship & Social Impact
INTA-GB.2307 Tech Industry Drivers: An Analytical Framework
INTA-GB.3140 Tech Evolution & Econ
INTA-GB.3313 Fashion & Luxury Digital Solutions
INTA-GB.3314 Fashion & Luxury Solutions
INTA-GB.3323 Tech Solutions
MGMT-GB.3151 Managerial Decision Making
MGMT-GB.3155 Technology Innovation Strategy
MGMT-GB.3337 Foundations of Technology Entrepreneurship
MGMT-GB.2321 Commercialization of Frontier Technologies
MKTG-GB.2125 Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB.2173 New Media in Marketing
MKTG-GB.2191 Tech Product Management
MKTG-GB.2192 Predicting the Future of Technology
MKTG-GB.2193 Tech Product Management II
MKTG-GB.2325 Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB 2344 Data Driven Decision Making: Managerial
MKTG-GB 2392 Strategic Foresight and Predicting the Future of Technology
MKTG-GB.3152 Strategy in Technology Intensive Industries
OPMG-GB.2150 Decision Models and Analytics
OPMG-GB.2306 Supply Chain Management (Business Logistics)
OPMG-GB.2308 Retail Operations & Supply Chain Management
OPMG-GB.2312 Operations in Panama: A man, a plan, a canal
OPMG-GB.2313 Operations in Entertainment: Las Vegas
OPMG-GB.2316 Operations Consulting: An Experiential Approach
OPMG-GB.2350 Decision Models and Analytics
OPMG-GB.2351 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
OPMG-GB.2360 Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship
TECH-GB.2114 Introduction to Cybersecurity and Privacy Management 
TECH-GB.2135 Programming in Python
TECH-GB.2147 Databases for Business Analytics
TECH-GB.2148 Dealing with Data
TECH-GB.2318 Digital Strategy
TECH-GB 2332 Managing a High Tech Company: The CEO Perspective
TECH-GB.2335 Programming in Python and Fundamentals of Softwar e Development
TECH-GB.2336* Data Science for Business Analytics - Technical
TECH-GB.2345 Tech and the City: Customer-Centric Digital Entrepreneurship
TECH-GB.2346 Dealing with Data
TECH-GB.3109 Digital Marketing Analytics
TECH-GB.3155 Digital Innovation and Crowdsourcing
TECH-GB.3310 Digital Marketing Analytics
TECH-GB.3322 Design and Development of Web and Mobile Applications
TECH-GB.3332 Introduction to AI & Its Applications in Business
TECH-GB.3333 Practical Big Data
TECH-GB.3336* Data Science for Business Analytics - Managerial
TECH-GB.3347 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Technologies
TECH-GB.3351 Risk Management in IT
TECH-GB.3355 Globalization, Open Innovation, and Crowdsourcing: New Ways of Organizing
TECH-GB.3362 Emerging Technology and Business Innovation

Students may also take the course below at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences: 
Course Number Course Title
CSCI-GA 2820** DevOps and Agile Methodologies

* Not eligible to count towards this specialization if this course was taken as part of your core requirements (Full-Time two-year MBA students only).

**This course is reserved for Focused Tech MBA students.

For course descriptions, please see the Office of Records & Registration website.