Luxury Marketing Specialization

The specialization in luxury marketing allows students to develop the perspective and skills necessary to pursue careers in the luxury sector. This is an important part of the economy, both in the US and worldwide. Marketing luxury products and services presents a number of unique challenges including the nature of the target market, importance of establishing a strong relationship with customers, the critical role of brand image, and the nature of the distribution system. This specialization offers a wide range of courses, including the Doing Business in Italy, which takes place in Milan during Spring Break and provides students with exposure to the high fashion and luxury industry in one of the fashion capitals of Europe.  Luxury industry companies who have hired Stern graduates recently include Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale's, Chanel, Coach, Hermès, and Tiffany.

Academic Advisor: Professor Thomaï Serdari, 212-998-0540 (For Stern MBA Students Only)
Non-Stern MBA students must follow the cross-registration procedures in order to take Stern classes. 

Course List

Part I of the Specialization:

MKTG-GB.2326 Luxury Marketing (3 credits) or MKTG-GB.2126 Luxury Marketing (1.5 credits)


Part II of the Specialization:

Complete the remaining credits for the specialization with the addition of courses from this list:

Course Number Course Title
DBIN-GB.3111 Doing Business in Italy (Luxury Retail & Branding)
DBIN-GB.3124 Doing Business in France (Luxury & Marketing)
INTA-GB.3312 Intl Immersion: F&L
INTA-GB.3344 Fashion Law and Business
MKTG-GB.2128 Consultative Selling
MKTG-GB.2129 Sales Management
MKTG-GB.2147 Consumer Behavior
MKTG-GB.2153 Pricing
MKTG-GB.2347 Consumer Behavior
MKTG-GB.2350 Marketing Planning & Strategy, with approved luxury project**
MKTG-GB.2353 Pricing
MKTG-GB.2355 Retail Strategy & Analytics
MKTG-GB.2365 Brand Strategy, with approved luxury project**
MKTG-GB.2368 Consulting Lab: Branding & Innovation, with approved luxury project**
MKTG-GB.2371 Innovation and Design, with approved luxury project**
MKTG-GB.2376 Next Gen Fashion, with approved luxury project**
MKTG-GB.3150 Marketing Planning & Strategy
OPMG-GB.2306 Supply Chain Management (Business Logistics)
OPMG-GB.2308 Retail Operations & Supply Chain Management 

Maximum of 3 credits from the list below:

Course Number Course Title
INTA-GB.3313 Fashion & Luxury Solutions, with approved luxury project**
INTA-GB.3314 Fashion Solutions, with approved luxury project**

* Course is not currently offered, but is still applicable.
**As of Summer 2018, in order for these courses to count toward the Luxury Marketing Specialization, the course project must focus on luxury.  Once your professor has approved a luxury project and completed this form, you must submit the form to Academic Affairs and Advising.