Entrepreneurship and Innovation Specialization

The specialization in entrepreneurship and innovation equips students with the tools and concepts necessary for a career as an entrepreneur or an investor in entrepreneurial ventures.  A requirement for the specialization is one of the Foundations of Entrepreneurship courses, which offer a broad look at starting, funding and managing new businesses in a variety of sectors including services, manufacturing, high technology, and public service.  The specialization provides a valuable understanding of what it is like to work in a start-up venture, a growing small business, or a venture capital or private equity firm.

Academic Advisor: Professor Glenn Okun, 212-998-0780

Course List

Part I of the Specialization:

MGMT-GB 2129 Entrepreneurship (1.5 Credits)
OR MGMT-GB.3135 Entrepreneurship (1.5 Credits)
OR MGMT-GB.3335 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)
OR MGMT-GB.3336 Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)
OR MGMT-GB.3337 Foundations of Technology Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)

Part II of the Specialization:

Section A: Complete at least 3 credits (and up to 6 credits) from the list below:

Course Number Course Title
ACCT-GB.3360 Accounting, Tax, & Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs
FINC-GB.3173 Venture Capital Financing
FINC-GB.3361 Entrepreneurial Finance
FINC-GB.3362 Applications in Entrepreneurial Finance: Fintech
FINC-GB.3373 New Venture Financing
MGMT-GB.2327 Managing the Growing Company
MGMT-GB.3333 Business Start-Up Practicum
MKTG-GB.2172 Marketing for Entrepreneurs
MKTG-GB.2370 New Products
MKTG-GB.2371 Innovation and Design

Section B: Maximum of 3 credits from the list below:

Course Number Course Title
BSPA-GB.2306 Social Enterprise in Sustainable Food Business
BSPA-GB.3337 Social Problem-based Entrepreneurship 
DBIN-GB.3314 DBi Israel
ECON-GB.2362 Economics of Creativity and Innovation
FINC-GB.3148 Social Venture Capital 
FINC-GB.3354 Investing in Microfinance
INTA-GB.2121 Entrepreneurship & New Economy
INTA-GB.3323 Tech Solutions
INTA-GB.3324 Venture Launch
MGMT-GB.2124 Managing Family Businesses and Privately Held Firms
MGMT-GB.2128 Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT-GB.2130 Corporate Venturing
MGMT-GB.2143 Strategy and Innovation in China
MGMT-GB.2161 Negotiating Complex Transactions with Executives and Lawyers
MGMT-GB.2308 Venture Building for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs
MGMT-GB.2321 Commercialization of Frontier Technologies
MGMT-GB.2328 Managing Family Businesses and Privately Held Firms
MGMT-GB.3155 Technology Innovation Strategy
MGMT-GB.3339 Endless Frontier Lab
MKTG-GB.2136 Luxury Launch
TECH-GB.2345 Tech and the City
TECH-GB.3162 Emerging Technologies
TECH-GB.3362 Emerging Technology and Business Innovation


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