Accounting Specialization

The accounting department offers elective courses in the areas of financial statement analysis, financial accounting, managerial accounting, strategic business planning, and taxation. A specialization in accounting provides students with a deeper understanding of accounting reports. This includes the construction of accounting information systems, the impacts of management's reporting options, the interpretation and forecasting of financial statements, and the influence of taxes on business strategies. 
Academic Advisor: Professor Julian Yeo

Course List

All ACCT-GB courses apply plus the following:

INTA-GB.2306 Business Drivers: An Analytical Framework
INTA-GB.2307 Tech Industry Drivers: An Analytical Framework
INTA-GB.3110 Investor Relations Strategy

Selected courses include:

Course Title Course Number
ACCT-GB.2103 Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT-GB.2111 Financial Reporting and Disclosure
ACCT-GB.2115 Taxes and Business Strategy
ACCT-GB.2170 Accounting and the Blockchain
ACCT-GB.2303 An Integrated Approach to Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT-GB.3103 Internal Decision Making
ACCT-GB.3110 A Winning Investor Relations Strategy
ACCT-GB.3112 Cases in Financial Fraud
ACCT-GB.3120 Analysis of Financial Institutions
ACCT-GB.3153 Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Industry
ACCT-GB.3304 Modeling Financial Statements
ACCT-GB.3310 Forensic Accounting and Financial Statement Fraud
ACCT-GB.3313 Auditing
ACCT-GB.3323 Accounting-Based Valuation
ACCT-GB 3328 Financial Statement Analytics Using Python
ACCT-GB.3330 Business Acquisitions, Deferred Taxes, Translations, and Derivatives
ACCT-GB.3344 Modeling Mergers and Acquisitions and Buyout