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Michelle Florin, MBA 2022

Michelle Florin
  • Hometown
    Jericho, NY
  • Undergraduate Institution
    Emory University
  • Pre-MBA Employer
    New York Road Runners
  • Post-MBA Employer
  • Student Clubs
    Stern Women in Business
    Stern Technology Association
    Stern Adventures

What is a spot in NYC that is special to you?

Central Park holds a special place in my heart. I run through Central Park almost every weekend and love watching how the scenery transforms as the seasons change. The New York City Marathon ends in Central Park and the energy and excitement in the park on that day is unlike anything I've ever experienced.

What was your favorite class at Stern?

Leadership in Organizations with Nate Pettit. The engaging class discussions and exercises prepared us to work in teams and provided a unique perspective on what matters in business. Also, Predicting The Future of Technology with Amy Webb was also an enriching class. We learned a new framework for thinking about the future. The class presents a process for identifying and acting on trends. We explored questions like: What technology is on the horizon? How will it impact our society? How will various industries harness the tech trend? etc.

How did you find a sense of community and support within Stern?

When I first got to Stern, I made an effort to "say yes" to social activities and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to ask my classmates to go for lunch or coffee. Once I started interacting with my classmates outside of the classroom, I felt an even deeper sense of community and support.

How would you describe the culture and community within your Andre Koo Tech MBA cohort? How have you interacted with alumni from previous Andre Koo Tech MBA cohorts?

The Andre Koo Tech MBA cohort was extremely welcoming, supportive, and collaborative. Everyone was always willing to lend a hand - our classmates had diverse skill sets which meant that we all helped each other based on our strengths. Our cohort was able to interact with the January Andre Koo Tech MBA Cohort and got to know alumni through on campus events and panels. Moreover, I connected with Andre Koo Tech MBA alumni during the recruiting process. Everyone I spoke to was always willing to help!

Tell us about your tech background prior to the program. How did you prepare for the program before it began?

I worked as a product manager before coming to Stern, so I was familiar with working with engineers and different areas of business such as marketing, finance, and sales. Even though I interacted with engineers, I did not have any professional coding experience so I took an online prep course before Stern. I also leveraged the resources NYU provided to brush up on my math skills prior to the program.

Why did you choose NYU Stern and the Andre Koo Tech MBA?

Although there are many reasons someone might pursue an MBA at NYU Stern, I chose the Stern Andre Koo Tech MBA for a number of reasons - 

One year program:  I wanted to pursue an MBA degree, but was worried about being out of the workforce for two years because in the tech industry everything is constantly evolving. The Andre Koo Tech MBA program provided a path to earning an MBA degree in a timeframe that met my needs.

Opportunity to learn technical skills: The Andre Koo Tech MBA curriculum does not require prior coding knowledge, rather it is designed for students who are open to learning technical skills in a meaningful way. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Python and data science classes. While I do not intend to pivot into software engineering, I feel confident in my ability to understand technical complexities and communicate effectively with technical teammates.

Access to the Stern network and community: When evaluating business schools, I was looking for a strong network. I was drawn to the Andre Koo Tech MBA program at Stern because of the resources, alumni, and community that the school offers. Part of business school is investing in relationships, and I felt confident that at Stern I would be able to thrive and meet intelligent, hard-working, passionate students and alumni.

Live in the greatest city in the world: I’ve lived in New York City for over five years and I’m still excited by the hustle and bustle and all New York has to offer. New York is a business powerhouse and as a student at NYU Stern you have so many opportunities to explore everything from the startup scene to the financial services industry.