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Melissa Sherer, Tech MBA 2024

Melissa Sherer
  • Pronouns
  • Hometown
    Woodbine, IA
  • Undergraduate
    Graceland University - Business Administration & English
  • Pre-MBA Employer
  • Specializations
    Finance, Tech Product Management
  • Clubs/Involvement
    Stern Women In Business, Stern Technology Association, Graduate Marketing Association

Why did you decide to pursue the focused one-year MBA program?

NYU's focused one-year Tech MBA program was the perfect way for me to live out my goals of moving to NYC and getting a full-time MBA, while only stepping away from work for one year. Since I was already working in Tech, it made perfect sense for me to accelerate the MBA process. The full-time one-year MBA immersive experience is the best way to build incredible relationships with peers. The one-year program has been the perfect fit for me!

How would you describe the culture and community within your class?

I'm blown away by how brilliant and accomplished my classmates are, and it is such an honor for me to learn alongside them. Our group is so good about helping each other through difficult classes and projects by sharing prior knowledge. I feel like I'm learning as much from my classmates as from coursework.

Why did you choose NYU Stern?

I always dreamed of getting an MBA and living in NYC. NYU Stern was the perfect way to do both. But when I learned more about the program, it felt like the perfect fit for me and my goals. I wanted to get a top-tier MBA in one year, continue my career in Technology, and build a strong MBA network.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

One of the best parts of preparing for an MBA is the opportunity to deeply reflect on your story as a professional, both up to this point and what you want the story to be moving forward. Go after and create the experiences that you want for your life! Have confidence and trust in yourself.

How has Stern’s location in NYC impacted your experience?

Stern's location in the heart of the city is the best part of the program. It immediately made me feel so integrated into the city and community. Walking to and from campus every day by or under the Washington Square Arch puts into perspective just how lucky I am to be attending school in the heart of the greatest city in the world.