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Elizabeth Davis, Tech MBA 2024

Elizabeth Davis
  • Pronouns
  • Hometown
    Raleigh, NC
  • Undergraduate
    UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Pre-MBA Employer
  • Specializations
    Business Analytics, Strategy, Tech Product Management
  • Clubs/Involvement
    Leadership Fellow: Makhoul Family Leadership Fellows Program; Graduate Marketing Association; Gaming and eSports Management Society (GEMS); Stern Management & Strategy Club (SMS); Stern Women in Business (SWIB); and Stern Technology Association (STA)

Why did you decide to pursue the focused one-year MBA program?

I chose the focused one-year MBA program at Stern because of its intensive curriculum that aligns seamlessly with the dynamic world of technology. But beyond academics, I'm passionate about amplifying the voices of women in tech. Stern's diverse community provides the perfect platform for fostering initiatives and building a support network to encourage more women to embrace tech roles. Being in NYC, not only do I get unparalleled opportunities for networking and internships, but I also find myself in a pivotal position to make a meaningful difference and foster a more inclusive tech community.

How did you find a sense of community and support within Stern?

Finding a sense of community at Stern was surprisingly organic. Orientation events and group projects ensured that we formed close bonds with our peers, and Stern's cohort-based approach for the Tech MBA meant that I was frequently collaborating with the same set of people, allowing us to get to know each other on a deeper level. Additionally, student-led clubs and organizations became a vital part of my support system. They have provided a platform to share experiences, mentor, and be mentored. The faculty, too, are always approachable and invested in our success. They not only offered academic guidance but were also instrumental in connecting us with industry professionals and alumni. It's this combination of peers, faculty, and extracurricular activities that helped me find my tribe within Stern.

How would you describe the culture and community within your class?

The culture within our class at Stern is best described as a melting pot of innovation, collaboration, and diversity. Our backgrounds span various industries, countries, and life experiences, and this broad range of perspectives makes classroom discussions lively and enlightening. What's great about Stern is the blend of competitiveness with camaraderie. While we all strive for excellence, there's a collective understanding that we rise by lifting others. Study groups, weekend outings, and spontaneous brainstorming sessions in the common areas are common sights. There's also a notable entrepreneurial spirit amongst my cohort; it's not rare for classmates to collaborate on start-up ideas or innovative projects outside of the curriculum. Overall, the community feels more like a close-knit family than just classmates. We challenge each other, celebrate each other's successes, and provide support during challenging times.

What was your favorite class at Stern?

My favorite class at Stern has been Communication taught by Susan Stehlik. Her approach to teaching goes beyond traditional methods; she has an innate ability to identify individual strengths and areas of improvement in each student. Through her class, I not only refined my communication skills but also underwent a personal transformation. Susan gave me the tools to captivate a live audience, regardless of their size or stature, and to express my ideas with confidence. Every session was a mix of theory, practical exercises, and invaluable feedback that equipped me to navigate both professional and personal settings with newfound poise and conviction.

What has been a highlight of your Stern experience?

One of the standout moments of my Stern experience was the opportunity to work on a real-world consulting project through the experiential learning program. Our team partnered with a company in NYC, addressing some of their most pressing business challenges. Over the course of the semester, we interacted closely with the company's leadership, conducted market research, and presented our recommendations. Beyond the professional growth, this project also fostered deeper bonds among our team members. This encapsulated the essence of Stern for me: practical learning, collaboration, and endless opportunities.

Why did you choose NYU Stern?

I chose NYU Stern for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, its prime location in the heart of New York City offers unparalleled access to a hub of industries, from finance to tech, making it an ideal setting for networking and post-graduation opportunities. The school's strong reputation for blending rigorous academic coursework with practical business experiences also appealed to me. Additionally, Stern's emphasis on social impact and global perspective resonated with my values. I was particularly impressed by the diverse and inclusive community, where students from all corners of the world bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives to the table. This was confirmed by the testimonials from alumni and my interactions with current students who showcased a tight-knit community that supports and uplifts each other, making it clear that Stern was where I wanted to grow both professionally and personally.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

My biggest piece of advice for prospective students is to be yourself. I know it might sound cliché, but Stern values authenticity above all else. When you're applying or even when you're already enrolled, it's tempting to mold yourself into what you believe the “ideal” business student should be. However, I've found that the moments I grew the most and felt the most connected to the Stern community were when I allowed my true self to shine through. The program seeks diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, so don't shy away from sharing your unique story. Come to the program authentically, embrace your individuality, and trust that this is what will set you apart and help you thrive.

How has Stern’s location in NYC impacted your experience?

Stern's location in NYC has been instrumental in shaping my MBA experience. Being in the heart of one of the world's most dynamic cities has offered a wide range of opportunities. From guest lectures by industry leaders who are just a subway ride away to a vast network of alumni at globally renowned firms, the city's resources are literally at our fingertips. Moreover, the city's vibrancy and diversity have provided countless chances for cultural immersion, from Broadway shows to food markets in Queens. Networking events, project pitches, and company tours are a regular part of the Stern experience, made possible by our NYC location. Additionally, the city's fast-paced environment has mirrored the intensity of the MBA program, pushing me to adapt, innovate, and thrive. In essence, NYC hasn't just been a backdrop for my Stern journey; it's been an integral character in my story, shaping my learning and growth in many ways.