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Seb v3

Sebastian Hooker

Sebastian is a full time student in Stern’s first Andre Koo Tech MBA class of 2019. Prior to living in New York, Sebastian lived in Madison, Wisconsin and was the ecommerce manager for the world’s largest supplier of name tags. Yes, paper name tags… Sebastian plans to pursue a career in product management and the Tech MBA was hands down the most relevant, useful program he could find to reach his goals. When he is not at school, he embraces other aspects of the city and enjoys road biking, visiting the different boroughs, and eating amazing food.

vera 2

Vera Sophie Wansink

Vera is a full-time student in Stern’s first Andre Koo Tech MBA class of 2019 and being Dutch, loves biking around NYC. Prior to Stern, Vera had 9 years of experience designing & building digital products, managing international teams and building strategic partnerships, both for established companies and startups. Vera is an active member of a variety of clubs at Stern, among which are the technology, entrepreneurship, women in business and theatre club. Vera also provides workshops and 1-1 coaching to startups in the Stern 300k Entrepreneurship Challenge.


Akanksha Gupta

Akanksha is a full-time MBA candidate in Stern’s inaugural Andre Koo Tech MBA program where she is specializing in Product Management, and Leadership & Change Management. Prior to Stern, she worked as a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard in Houston, TX where she was helping develop enterprise hardware solutions. Since she moved to New York, she is always up to explore local NYC pizza shops and wants to see the live taping of late night shows out of NYC.

Mike S v2

Mike Stefaniak

Mike is a full-time student in Stern’s first Andre Koo Tech MBA class of 2019. Prior to Stern, Mike lived in Boston, Massachusetts and worked as a software engineer in the advertising technology industry. He plans to pursue a career in Product Management by combining his strong technical background with the business and analytical skills being developed at Stern. When not in school, Mike is playing or watching sports and is currently the captain of the One Year Wonders, Stern's intramural flag football team.