Langone Part-time MBA FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Log into Albert with your NetID and password.
2. Select 'Update My Expected Grad Term' (in the Academics tab).
3. Select your new expected graduation term.
4. Hit the "Submit Changes' button. 

Please keep in mind:
  • Expected graduation dates are frozen during lottery submission periods in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.
  • The Office of Records & Registration performs an audit and will change graduation dates that are not consistent with a student's program progress to prevent students from gaming the system to gain graduation date priority in the lottery which is unfair to their fellow classmates.  Students who attempt to inaccurately change their graduation date may be reported to the Judiciary Committee for a Code of Conduct violation. 
You must register for a class (1.5 or 3.0 credits) in each Fall and Spring semester to be considered an active student. If you do not, you must apply for a Leave of Absence.
You have six years to complete your MBA program. If you are not enrolled in any courses for the Fall or Spring semester, you must take a Leave of Absence to maintain matriculation.
  • Please note that the Winter Intensive is part of the Spring Semester. If you take courses during the Winter Intensive period, you do not need to take a Leave of Absence for the Spring Semester. 
  • Please note that the Fall Intensive is part of the Fall Semester. If you take courses during the Fall Intensive period, you do not need to take a Leave of Absence for the Fall Semester. 
You may only lottery for courses within your Offering Status. However, you may register for courses outside of your Offering Status during the add/drop period in your third semester.

Students must take the four basic core courses within their program offering status and may not take classes in another status in the first two semesters. For example, a Weekend student may only lottery for Weekend courses, but may add a Weeknight course during the add/drop period, if there is space available. Keep in mind that you will only receive registration priority for classes within your own Offering Status.
Yes. If you Establish Proficiency in a Stern Core Course, this satisfies the pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements for elective courses. For example, if you Establish Proficiency in Marketing, you have fulfilled the Marketing co-requisite for Digital Marketing.
You can take up to three free credits in the same semester that you complete your 60th credit of the program. This may be in the form of one 3 credit course or two 1.5 credit courses. You are not able to take your free credit once you have graduated. 
You are allowed to take up to 15 credits outside of Stern, at other NYU divisions, or through the Study Abroad program. See Taking Courses at Other NYU Divisions.
An Independent Study is arranged directly between the student and the sponsoring faculty member. Further details and guidelines are available under Policies & Procedures. 
Your course may fall under "Courses not credited towards MBA" for the following reasons:

Free Course

If you have registered for a Free Course it will appear under the "Courses not credited towards MBA" section of your My Program Progress page. Once you have reached 60 credits, the system will automatically bump any additional credits to this section of your My Program Progress page. You will still receive credit for this course and the grade will still factor into your GPA.

Courses taken at Other NYU Divisions

When you enroll in a course at another NYU division, the course will appear under the "Courses not credited towards MBA" section of your My Program Progress page. Once Academic Affairs and Advising receives confirmation that you received a passing grade in the course, it will be moved into the electives section of your My Program Progress page. 
You may not have received your grades for a course for the following reasons:

Incomplete CFE 

A "##" symbol on your My Program Progress page signifies that you have not completed the CFE for this course. This will delay distribution of your grade for 30 days after the grade has been submitted.

Grades not yet submitted

The professor may not have submitted the grades for the course. The Office of Records and Registration posts grades on the day that they are received. 
You should contact the professor of the course directly to appeal a grade. Any further appeal should be addressed to the Department Chair. 
You should contact the professor and the TA of the course with questions and concerns. You may also apply for tutoring through the SGov MBA Tutoring Site. 
Language courses do not count toward your MBA. If you are interested in learning a new language we recommend exploring the resources offered by NYU Speaking Freely.