Acceleration of Program (Langone)

(Full-time students: please see Credit Overload)

Langone Part-time MBA students may register for up to the following credit maximums during each semester without any additional approval:
Semester Credit Maximum
Fall Intensive 4.5 Credits
Fall 9 Credits
Winter Intensive  4.5 Credits
Spring 9 Credits
Summer 1 6 Credits
Summer 2 6 Credits
Summer Intensive 4.5 Credits
Please note that due to course schedules, taking 4.5 credits during an Intensive Session often difficult and never guaranteed.

Due to certain personal or professional circumstances, Langone Part-time MBA students may find it necessary to accelerate their program, taking more than the credit maximums outlined above. Students who feel that they are in such a situation may submit their request for an acceleration to the Academic Policy Board for review. 

Accelerations are permitted during the Fall and Spring semesters, allowing students to take up to a maximum of 15 credits.
  • Accelerations are not permitted during the Intensive sessions. Due to the nature of the Intensive session course schedule, it is difficult to schedule more than 4.5 credits while meeting all other Intensive session requirements.