MBA/MS Mathematics in Finance

Degree Requirements

MBA Program Outline

Required Core* 6
Menu Core 12
Capstone Core 1.5-3
Elective Courses 15-16.5
Total 36**

MS Mathematics in Finance Program Outline

Required Courses 18
Intermediate Elective Courses 9
Advanced Elective Courses 9
Total 36**

Total credits required to complete both degrees = 72

* Required Core courses include COR1-GB.1306: Financial Accounting and Reporting and COR1-GB.2311: Foundations of Finance.  This program assumes demonstrated proficiency in COR1-GB.1305: Statistics and Data Analysis before matriculating at Stern.  COR1-GB.1305: Foundations of Finance has been made required and removed from Menu Core options as it is a prerequisite for later courses.

**Some courses are cross-listed