Program Status Change

Switching Langone Part-time MBA Program Offering Status

There are three offering statuses within The Langone Part-time MBA Program:
  • Washington Square Weeknight
  • Washington Square Saturday
  • Westchester
Prior to first enrollment, students admitted to the Langone Part-time MBA program who wish to change their program offering status must submit a written request to the Admission Committee Chairperson.

Students must remain in their program offering status of admittance for their first two semesters of enrollment. After the first two semesters of enrollment, Langone Part-time MBA students interested in officially changing their offering status must petition the Academic Policy Board explaining their reasons for requesting a change in offering status. Requests are considered and accommodated on a space available basis and are not guaranteed. 

Students are only permitted to change their offering status once. Students interested in switching their offering status more than once must submit an additional petition to the Academic Policy Board explaining why another switch is necessary. The reasons for switching more than once must be compelling. Subsequent requests will be considered and accommodated on a space available basis and are not guaranteed.

Registration Priority by Offering Status within the Langone Part-time MBA Program

Langone Part-time MBA students have registration priority for courses within their program offering status (Washington Square Weeknight, Washington Square Saturday, or Westchester).

Courses in the first two semesters of enrollment are reserved for the Block sections for each program offering status. Students must take the Block sections that correspond with their offering status of admittance. During the first two semesters of enrollment, Langone Part-time MBA students may contact Academic Affairs and Advising to take a third course in another offering. Accommodation will be made on a space available basis and is not guaranteed.

During the lottery, Langone Part-time MBA students will see and lottery for only those courses within their program offering status. During the drop/add period, Langone Part-time MBA students may register for courses in other program offering statuses on a space available basis.

Westchester Offering - Program Completion

Beginning in their fifth semester (elective phase), Westchester students can lottery and register for all Washington Square electives without the need to formally change program offering status. By default, students will have the same priority for Washington Square courses as the Washington Square Weeknight students, based on their expected date of graduation. Students may opt for a Washington Square Saturday offering status if they prefer to have priority for weekend courses.