Establishing Proficiency in a Core Course

Establishing Proficiency Policy

The Stern Core courses are designed in order to provide all Stern MBA students with the strong business foundation necessary to excel both in and out of the Stern MBA classroom. In order to complete your degree, you are required to complete your program's Core requirements as outlined in the Full-Time or Langone Part-time program requirements.

Students with a background in any of the Core course areas, either academic or professional, may choose to establish proficiency in a Core course rather than repeat course material. In all cases, you must take a total of 60 credits for the MBA requirements. Any Core course in which you establish proficiency will be replaced by elective credits.

Methods for Establishing Proficiency in a Core Course

You may establish proficiency in a Core course through any of the following methods (details of each method are provided in the tabs above):

  1. By having earned an Undergraduate Major or Master's degree in that subject or having taken at least five courses in the subject (see tab #2 on this page). Please note that students with a concentration or sub-major must still complete five semester long courses in the subject matter in which they hope to establish proficiency. 
  2. By passing a Stern Proficiency Exam (see tab #3 on this page)
  3. (For COR1-GB.1306 Financial Accounting and Reporting only) By demonstrating proof or verification of one of the following: a) a U.S. CPA License; b) a passing grade on the U.S. CPA exam; or c) a chartered accounting certification (see tab #4 on this page)


Students who do not pass a core course are unable to establish proficiency via the Stern Proficiency Exam in that course and must retake the course prior to graduation. 

FINC-GB.2302 Corporate Finance (3.0 credits) 

Full-time and Langone Part-time MBA students are not required to take the Corporate Finance elective course.  However, a number of upper-level elective courses require Corporate Finance as a co-requisite or pre-requisite. Students who wish to establish proficiency in Corporate Finance as a co-requisite or pre-requisite may do so through the standard methods of establishing proficiency. 

COR2-GB.3101 Professional Responsibility (1.5 credits)

All students must take this capstone Core course. It is not possible to establish proficiency in this course.

Langone Core (MCOM-GB.2105 Business Communication, MGMT-GB.2159 Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation)

Langone Part-time MBA students must take these two courses. It is not possible to establish proficiency in these courses.