Course Registration

Each semester, Academic Affairs and Advising will contact you for information regarding your credits both at Stern and your partner school.  This information is used to facilitate the registration and tuition billing processes.

Students in residence at NYU Stern

You will lottery and add/drop for Stern classes using Albert. For classes taken at the partner school, you will work with your advisor at that school and register via that school's registration system.  It is important to keep your Stern advisor informed of any and all schedule changes.

Students in residence at other NYU schools

For classes taken in the partner school program you will register via that school's registration system. For Stern classes, you will add/drop and lottery via Albert. Academic Affairs and Advising and the Office of Records and Registration will work to ensure that your record appropriately reflects your coursework at each school.

Access to Albert

Once matriculated at Stern, all students will have access to Albert until graduation, which will allow students to lottery and add/drop Stern classes while registered at their partner school*. You will add classes to your schedule at the partner school via their registration system and add classes at Stern via Albert. Although we have automated this system for you, you should always inform your dual degree advisor of any changes made to your schedule during the add/drop period.

*Please keep in mind that you will initially be billed for full tuition by both Stern and your partner school when using both online registration systems. Please refer to the Registration and Bursar section of the FAQs for more information about dual degree billing.

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